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rahope63, March 10,  2021  12:17am EST

V Fib and the future

2015 I'm working for my pop. He looks down at my feet. They've swollen up like balloons. I'm sleeping and then wake up in a pool of water. Am I scared! Heck yeah! Go to my primary doctor. EKG shows sign of very low EF. Fortunately I went to my first cardiologist. He didn't have the tools to do my kind of stents. Friend suggests a cardiologist at Cedars Sinai. I get tested and proded. The news isn't great! Oh *****, your EF is 12% and we could give you a new heart. I was like are you joking. I asked my cardiologist and the heart transplant team that  I wanted to keep my heart. I mean I insisted.  Heart transplant Doc v my Cardioogist. The dual begins and ends. I won, we won; heart stays inside the chest! Now I'm doing PET scabs MRIs, etc. while in the hospital I begin to take a plethora of heart meds, blood thinners, supplements and on and on. I looked at the nurse and said will someone help me with these meds? Oh you'll get used to it. I'm like you got to be kidding me. I received a list and when to take what a what time. 25 pills? Ok here goes my crash course in pharmacology! After a few weeks I got this ****** down! Oh I forgot, while I was ill after having a heart attack in my shoulders - this I found out much later when they discovered 50% of my heart tissue was scarred - I couldn't eat a thing. I was tired, and weak! I went from 195 to 169. I followed the cardiac diet from the hospital. I went up 10 178 then 185 then 232 etc...ok now what's going on. Of course, I went off the diet. I'm normal now. Far from it. So I struggled to keep the weight off. I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm depressed. I can't shake this whole idea of heart failure. Well, I received 4 stents . A fifth one was talked about but that vein was so occluded the dr wouldn't touch it for fear of doing more damage! Ok *****, You can leave the hospital . Really? Great. Just one thing you'll need a pacemaker? A pace who? Isn't that what a grandparent gets? I'm only 52! Yikes. Well I get the pacemaker it's an internal ICD-S by Boston Scientifuc. It shocks the heart if I get out of rhythm. As the weight crept in my device was going off again and again. Until recently It shocked me three times. I woke up in blood between the croutons and salad asile at Ralph's. My buddy was there. I woke up my head, ear, eye was bleeding. I had fainted during these shocks. Guess what be got now. V Fib - a heart condition where the heart strays off it's normal rhythm into what is called an electrical storm.  Me thinks God was telling me WAKE THE **** UP! Stop eating that ****! I got it. Believe me I got it. Now I'm getting a new internal pacemaker close to my heart to pace it if this should ever happen again. Well folks if this doesn't work then my team has lost and the new heart will be transplanted. It's been quite a scary six years almost since my HA in 2015. But I'm in good hands, following my diet to the T and I have a lot to be thankful for! I'm counting my blessings everyday. My problems, not so much! Don't give up! Keep on going even if you hit a bump or two. We're human not perfect. Live, love, and laugh everyday. You've got this. I know I do! 

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, March 10,  2021  8:49am EST

    Good morning,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with the support network. Your journey has been a long one, but your outlook and positivity are admirable! As you continue to interact with others in the support network who have experienced similar things as you, I hope you find a sense of comfort in knowing that you're never alone.

    Please continue to keep us updated on how you are feeling.

    Best wishes,

    AHA Moderator

  • Gmccanna
    Gmccanna, March 22,  2021  10:28pm EST

    Thank you, I needed to hear your story.  I've been going through hell lately, with my CHF,  new ICD, and tons of horrible HORRIBLE medications.  I'm getting to the point we're I feel like giving up the fight.  Your story shook me awake and realized I still need to keep fighting.  There's a lot to fight for.  

    Thank you again,


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