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hammerdown, October 14,  2019  6:47pm EST

Sleep Anea and HF

Anyone here been diagnosed with Central Sleep Apnea along with their Heart Failure?  If so, how did that go for you?  How were the two issues handled/treated?


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  • Hawkat
    Hawkat, October 14,  2019  6:57pm EST

    I was referred for a sleep test by my cardiologist, and ended up being diagnosed with both central and obstructive sleep apnea (moderate), as well as moderate obesity hypoventilation syndrome. The sleep test center coordinated with my cardiologist. I was given a prescription for a CPAP which I'm still waiting for my insurance to approve.

    Were you diagnosed with central sleep apnea? If so, how is it being handled for you?


  • hammerdown
    hammerdown, October 14,  2019  7:12pm EST

    Hi Hawkat!   No diagnose yet...............my sleep study isn't until early Nov.    My basic symptom is extreme tiredness and waking many times during the night.

  • Hawkat
    Hawkat, October 14,  2019  8:26pm EST

    Ah OK! The reason I was referred is that sleep apnea can sometimes contribute to heart failure, and also I wake up from sleep with my heart racing. I actually don't have complete apnea--where one stops breathing entirely for short times during sleep--but rather hypopnea, where one breathes very shallowly and slowly. It seems to happen for me during REM sleep, and my blood oxygen drops to about 78%, then I wake up abruptly. I too have a lot of fatigue during the day, and wake up in the morning still tired. Although I'm not looking forward to wearing a CPAP, I do hope it helps me get better sleep and less tiredness.

    How long have you been diagnosed with heart failure? I was diagnosed in May.

  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, October 15,  2019  8:00am EST

    Sleep Disorders can contribute to CHF and CHF can create Sleep problems--up to and including severe insomnia and apnea.

    I have RLS and have had it since birth so I'm not my help on Apnea issues. Are you using a sleep tracker? I developed one for some people in my SHF Support Group on FB. If you'd like one I'd be glad to share. They are quite helpful and simple to use.

    Here is a link to an AHA page regarding irregular sleep and heart health. It has some useful information. The site has many other resources that you might find informative and useful.


    I hope they find some answers for you. I know how tough going without sleep actually is. When my sleep is stable, my health improves.

    Best to you in your journey.

    It's A Great Day To Be Alive...


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