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Augustmoon, May 17,  2021  9:11pm EST


Does anyone have heart palpitations?

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, May 18,  2021  9:01am EST

    Hello there, 

    Here are some resources on Heart Rhythm Disorders including information on heart palpitations. We hope this helps as you wait to hear from others on the Support Network. 


    AHA Moderator 

  • mghd20
    mghd20, May 18,  2021  10:34am EST

    Yes. I'm a year and 5 months post pacemaker implant and just over the last month or so I've experienced palpitations. Can't really remember if there were anxious thoughts related to it but I'm on several meds and have gotten out of sync with taking those, walks, water and 3 meals a day. Have a follow-up with 2 cardiologists (one I consider a primary and the other a specialist for the implant). Best I can offer is talk to your doctor. I'm a plumber and when I'm working on someone's heating system, no clue or symptom is too insignificant. I don't feel I can properly or efficiently diagnose the issue without all the info at my disposal. Let us know how you make out.

  • Becky4242
    Becky4242, May 18,  2021  8:52pm EST

    I suffer with PVC's (horribly annoying extra beats) diagnosed 1 1/2 year ago. Take anti arrhythmic med Flecanide. Make absolutely sure you speak with your primary or cardiologist about your palpitations. There are harmless types that are easily treated and not so harmless ones that can be life threatening if not treated. 

    take care


  • Augustmoon
    Augustmoon, May 24,  2021  7:03pm EST

    Thanks. My doctor told me to keep a diary when palpitations occur and to take my pulse.

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