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Haze20, February 8,  2019  2:19am EST


Hello. 48 year old female here. EF 28. Went into cardiac arrest in 2009. Thank God I survived. Now I'm in heart failure. I go the 7th of March to have a pacemaker/difibulatir implanted. Right now I'm wearing a life vest portable difibulator. I AM TERRIFIED to get this implant! I have developed severe anxiety and depression over this. I don't know what to do. I just want to be better. 😔

9 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 8,  2019  9:15am EST

    I am so sorry that you are having to experience this. I can share the information we have on heart failure and ICD's . I think it is normal to be frightened of a procedure, I know I would be too. However, I think talking to someone might help you. Are you comfortable sharing your concerns with your doctor or a therapist? Plus, we are always here to be supportive and share our experiences as well :) Can you define what it is that you are the MOST concerned about? Is it the procedure or recovery or all of the above? Thanks Katie 

  • RIP12
    RIP12, February 8,  2019  3:09pm EST

    I am on my second ICD in 11 years with no problems. What are you concerns about the procedure? I will try to help.


  • bstacia2000
    bstacia2000, February 9,  2019  6:25am EST

    First off, I Pray for your healing, God can work miracles!  Im 57,  had a heart attack 6 mos ago in Aug, 2018, spent a week in hospital and was told that I had heart failure, my daughter prayed that God healed me, she came up with a no sodium plant based diet for me, exercise  ..... my EF was 30%  I went for my check up Feb 07, 2019 and Dr. was stunned , he said that my EF was 55-60% and If he didnt know i was a heart patient he would have no way of knowing. God has brought you this far, we all here know how scary this can be, we are all praying that your outcome is a success, with God in control along with skillful Drs. I pray that your healing begins , and that if or when you go in for surgery you make a speedy and successful recovery. 

  • SA1978
    SA1978, February 9,  2019  2:03pm EST

    I pray that everything goes well with your surgery. You are going to be ok. God is in control. God has brought you this far and he will continue to take care of you. I will continue to keep you in my prayers!

  • GaryBaude
    GaryBaude, February 10,  2019  10:38am EST

    There is always hope, my friend.  I have heart failure, LBBB, EF is 25.  Just had a pacemaker with defib placed on Jan 2, 2019, and am fuly recovered from surgery.  I cannot tell you how much better I feel.  Actually wake up with energy, like I did years ago.  I have not pushed myself to far yet, but will gradually increase my activity.  Do not be afraid of getting a pacemaker, if that option becomes available to you, it is life changing!  I wish you the very best.  Gary

  • Rosie9b
    Rosie9b, February 10,  2019  11:23am EST


    I had an epsode about 8 years ago.  My bloodpressure was beyond reason & I paid no attention.  It made me.  My heart was at 25% cpacity.  I had to wear the vest then get a pace maker defib.  YOU WILL BE FINE.  But make sure you have plenty of button up shirts, bra that hook in the front and a place to sleep that is at hip level.  My heart was back to 100% within a year.  You can do this.

  • JoeSzzz
    JoeSzzz, February 15,  2019  5:55pm EST

       I have had heart failure for the past 10-15 years. I take massive amounts of ubiquinol. I have been good for the past  10 -15 years - eventhough I have had "events" that would scare anyone. I used to go to the ER. I would run up big bills. I no longer do that after taking 1 gram of ubiquinol every 30 minutes until about 2 bottles are gone. This has been great! I still lift weights and excercise, with very little shortness of breath and ankle swelling comes and goes. How ever I am now treating the underlying problem....age. Your body is just wearing out! I have now - just last week - starting to take HGH to repair my heart and other organs. HGH reaches it's peak when you are in your 20s. You have to be careful, because as you age, you can grow some "bad stuff" in your body. When your body was young, you had young materials and very few defects, as you get older, drinking, bad eating, pollution, other harmful agents , take a toll on your body. So you have to be careful while taking HGH. HGH is mostly offered to the affluent class because they have the money to pay for the high price of HGH. You might be able to get it through your insurance company. The stuff used to be cheap....a long time ago. Massive amounts of ubiquinol and HGH. I hope this helps!

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 18,  2019  3:46pm EST

    Good afternoon, I wanted to share this article Expert Sounds the Alarm on Medical Misinformation . There is a place for supplements in recovery, however it is very important that you talk with your doctor before begining any new treatment plan. Thank you Katie

  • Jim1962
    Jim1962, March 4,  2019  8:08pm EST

    Hey Haze20,

    I bet you aren't as terrified as I was. It also took me a while to come around to the fact that I needed an ICD. I was pretty scared when I first heard the subject raised. I did all I could do to get my EF up, but that wasn't enough. EF=31%.

     All that it's going to do is save your life if you need it. That's a great thing!

    The procedure itself was a piece of cake, (I had very cool nurses and doctors). A little soreness at first, not bad, the dentist is far worse. My biggest concern was the fact that I needed it. That took a while to wrap my head around, but once I was resigned to that fact, I went all in. I got mine in Sept. of 2017 and haven't had any problems or zaps. Over time, you forget it's there. A coworker's dad had went into cardiac arrest and got an ICD about 10 years back, and now he has to be reminded to take it easy when he's playing with his grand kids. I like to brag that I'm now 'Titanium Man' or 'a wifi enabled cyborg'.



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