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Jharad, September 12,  2019  4:00am EST

New ICD Implant

Hey, y'all, it's been a while since I checked in, but I finally got that ICD implanted I was asking about a couple months ago. It's one of the spiffy models that allows for slightly modified MRIs, if needed. Thank you, to everyone who gave me input on devices and all.

I have one main question for the gallery: once it's been in there a bit...is it meant to move around much? It's been almost 4 weeks for me, and the ICD feels it's swimming in my chest. But i had a "device check" not long ago and the leads are fine and everything. But the ICD itself is just....uncomfortable. Anyone else have this issue?


3 Replies
  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, September 12,  2019  6:10am EST


    Great News.

     I have a question for you... Are you feeling any better since the device was implanted?

    It takes a few months for the device and your chest to get their act together. It may be uncomfortable for a bit more. Your tissue grows around the device and keeps it stable. t takes a few months.

    At this point, 6.5 years post-implant, I can move the skin but the device is solid inside its tissue pouch.


    You have joined a very exclusive club.

    You are a champion in this life.

    You are never alone.

    You play on a very strong team.

    We are your teammates.

    Together we are unbeatable.


    It's a great day to be alive...


  • Jharad
    Jharad, September 12,  2019  8:21am EST

    Thank you, JerzeyCate! I don't feel any better, no, but then mine wasn't meant to. It's only prophylactic. My underlying cardiomyopathy is idiopathic, and I have sinus rhythm tachycardia, but low BP, so it concerned my advanced heart failure specialist enough they wanted me to have the ICD, "just in case."

  • Jim1962
    Jim1962, September 29,  2019  10:18pm EST

    Mine hasn't felt like it's 'moving around' at all at any point, but that 's just me. As time goes by, it becomes less noticeable.  Don't forget that a good sized hunk of titanium(which will most likely save your life at least a few times )  is embedded in your chest, so you're bound to feel something. At times, I also feel my implant area to remind myself that this is indeed real.

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