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CTobler, May 20,  2020  3:39pm EST

New Here...Brother recently diagnosed with HF at 52

Hi All, 

Heart disease runs in my family as my dad had 2 bypass surgeries (1986 and 2001) and passed away in 2016 from CHF. Now my brother was diagnosed at the beginning of the year with CHF, had quadruple bypass and is now 3 months from surgery. All his blood work has been good and he walks 2 miles a day but recent echo shows his EF is at 15% which is back where he started before surgery. Right after surgery it was 23%.

He has a good team of doctors and  was put on Entrestro 2 weeks ago. This is so scary as we try to support him especially with our family history. 

I know this takes time to find the right plan and now reading your stories has given me a new sense of hope.

Thank you for sharing!



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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, May 20,  2020  7:07pm EST

    Hi Carol,

    I am quintuple bypass veteren and I can tell you that his being able to walk 2 miles a day is not only a good indication of his health but so important for him going forward. I have always been active even prior to my surgery and I was told by my doctors about not only the positive effects it had on my condition at the time but on my recovery as well. It's also excellent that he has a good team of doctors to help give him confidence in his care. It is scary but I believe he will have a positive recovery and future if he continues to exercise and follow his doctor's directive.

    I wish you both all the best!


  • CTobler
    CTobler, May 20,  2020  8:50pm EST

    Thanks Jim! I know it's a long journey and thankful I found this group.

    Wishing you well!

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, May 21,  2020  8:57am EST

    Good morning, it does sound like your family is taking a long journey with Heart Failure and I am glad we are here to support you. I can share the medical resources we have regarding Heart Failure  . Please know that you are not alone, that we are here on this trip with you :) Best Katie

  • CTobler
    CTobler, May 21,  2020  9:47pm EST

    Thank you Katie!

  • Nateis50
    Nateis50, June 2,  2020  8:16am EST

    My husband was diagnosed 5 years ago this October with systolic heart failure after a terrifying ambulance ride to our local ER. After 3 very scary days in the hospital we left very confused and overwhelmed to say the very least. The news was a lot to try and wrap our minds around. It takes time to cope with the “new life” you’ve been told you must live to beat survival odds. We are almost 5 years into this journey and there are very bad days and days that are decent. I can’t say there are many good days however I can say at least there ARE days and that sure beats the alternative. Read as much valid literature that you can get your hands on, encourage your brother to focus ONLY on positive thoughts and refuse any negativity in any form, laugh every single time that you can, ask a ton of questions (that’s what his Dr. is paid for) and rely on your faith (whatever that may be) to carry you through the challenges that may lie ahead. May you and your family be blessed and highly favored. 

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