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A1982, July 21,  2020  11:33am EST

Left ventricle resection surgery

I am asking on behalf of a family member. He has been diagnosed with left ventricular aneurysm. Despite medications and lifestyle changes his aneurysm has become bigger and subsequently the L.V ejection fraction has come down to 25% and the RV ejection fraction is at 44%. The doctor has suggested an open heart surgery to resection the left ventricle. We are worried about the outcome and the risks involved. Is there any literature or guidance or personal experiences that anyone could share to know what to expect from the procedure. Thank you

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, July 22,  2020  9:03pm EST

    I am not well versed on the literature avaiable but I'm sure others on the site will know. Worrying about the outcome and the risks is natural for anyone about to go through open heart surgery. I had the same fears. But if your doctor is recommending this then I'm sure it is for good reason and ultimately a healthier treatment. I had strongly resisited open heart surgery to clear my clogged arteries wanting to opt for stents instead. I was told that the bypass surgery was healthier in the long run and would be better after my recovery. In hindsight, that was the right course of action. The technology available for treatment today is excellent and although there is risk in any surgical procedure, the procedures have gotten very good! 

    Recovery from open heart surgery will take a few months to regain strength but if the patient follow's the doctor's directive, it will go well. I strongly recommend cardiac rehab. It is very good for the heart and mind. While going through rehab, the patient will see rapid improvement and gain considerable knowledge from the physical therapists.

    Wishing you and your family member well!


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