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hammerdown, September 22,  2019  2:07pm EST

If it's not this, it's another thing!

Yes, I have heart failure due to a cardiomyopathy.  Most recent plans are for  an abdomen ultrasound followed by a pacemaker optimization.  Fly in the ointment is this: I was diagnosed with aTypical pneumonia about 2 weeks ago. Symptoms were chills, severe shaking, but no fever. I spent 6 hrs in the ER before being discharged with an antibiotic Rx.  Another X-ray at my primary's office a few days ago, showed "something" going on at the bottom of one lung - a new issue or remnants of the previous issue? Doc. didn't want to take a chance and ordered another antibiotic Rx - Cefdinir. Thing that really concerns me is the use of antibiotics........don't want a C-Diff infection to erupt!   Current symptoms are kinda weird:  I've had an ongoing patulous eustachian tube issue that seems to have been successfully resolved with loratadine use.  Body temp normal, laying flat makes breathing more difficult - finger Oxygen 96% - Blood pressure is up (yeah!) 105/65.  Absolutely no lung congestion or mucus buildup along with no coughing.  Weird, right?

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, September 22,  2019  7:48pm EST

    Have they gotten specific with what's going on at the bottom of your lung? I say this because I had a similar experience a few years ago. I had a kidney stone and they ordered a cat scan which revealed the stone along with a few others. I was told by the ER doc that I had a stone but passed it however she was concerned about some nods she discovered at the base of one of my lungs. She told me it was "probably" nothing but that I should have it checked put. Three months later I had another cat scan done which included my lungs. The results of that one showed that there was no sizeable difference in growth. My PCP evaluated the report and told me when they do these high resolution scans on a guy my age, they're going to find stuff. He suggested getting another cat scan a year later if I really wanted to but that it wasn't necessary. I never did. He didn't seem concerned about it so I decided not to be as well. 

    So if you can nail them down as to what it is they found on your lung, it could give you a little peace of mind.

    I wish you the best!


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 23,  2019  8:49am EST

    Good morning, I am so sorry you are having to manage one thing right after another. It does seem that is how life goes. Thank you for coming here and sharing with us, so we can provide a note of support. Katie

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