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JamesPL, September 5,  2019  7:46pm EST

How to Fit Walking into Your Schedule

In case anyone missed this, I received it in my inbox as part of my chiropractor's daily newsletter. I've long been an advocate of exercise to help maintain a strong healthy heart. These tips from the AHA  are good ones...

Taking a brisk walk is one way to meet current recommended exercise guidelines of at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity each day. The American Heart Association (AHA) offers the following tips to help fit walking into your schedule: park or get off at the bus/train station ten minutes away from your job; schedule a lunchtime walk in your work calendar; keep everything at work that you'll need for walking; listen to music while walking; recruit friends to walk with you; lay out your walking clothes and shoes before going to bed; and if you decide to walk at night, the wear reflective clothing or carry a light.

Happy trekking!


3 Replies
  • Lperry
    Lperry, September 5,  2019  8:15pm EST

    Hello everyone. My son has chf and it scared us both. He really thought he was going to die. We happen to find someone who beat it. My son Holden is doing the meds and trying to eat right but exercise was the hardest till now. This person we met quit smoking ate only vegetables and fish. He stopped taking his meds after awhile against his doctors advise. He stopped driving and rode his bicycle everywhere he went. After a few weeks he weny back to work and he still rides his bike. He saw his cardiologist soon after and he was totally amazed. It has been 11 years before that all of his problems started and he looks and feels great now.  This is what put my son back in the living and he exercises now.  This must not happen very often. But in this case it did. But please take your meds. You could die without them.

  • Jim1962
    Jim1962, September 5,  2019  8:29pm EST

    Let's not forget the proverbial 'Take the furthest parking spot away' at work or shopping or wherever. That's a lot of of footsteps over time. Listen to music, podcasts or audio books on your 30 minute walks and it will make the time go by so much quicker and it make things easier. This summer, I've been starting my walks with a 'very very slow' jog and I poop out when my heart rate gets into the 120's bpm range somewhere along the first curve (high end of my 'moderate range' as determined by stress tests and also when I physically poop out) then walk the rest of the 30 minutes. My modest next goal is 1/2 a lap of the track to to the next straight away - maybe when the weather gets cooler. It's slow going ;)

    I wasn't going to post this here, but this 'walking' post at this particular time seems like a sign. Take part in your local AHA Heart Walk. Myself and 3 other recruits (so far - it was lonely old  me last year) will be taking part in the Boston Heart Walk on Saturday morning (Dorian - please be kind ;) I'll be aiming for a 6 mile 2 hour-ish (2-1/2;) walk from the Hatch Shell along the Charles River and back. Here's my personal page


    Move as much as you can,


  • OneOmega
    OneOmega, September 10,  2019  1:43pm EST
    Walking meditation has become a fundamental portion of my rehabilitation. The body gets a boost from the neurotransmitters (dopamine) as we exercise. The mind opens to anxiety relief and we may begin the process of stress management. In as little as 5 minutes you may find you are in ready to calm your emotions.
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