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Pec1959, February 12,  2020  5:36pm EST

How long before EF returns

Before surgery my ef was 60. The day of surgery it had fallen to 40.    A week after mv repair and a triple bypass it was 25.     That was three months ago.   It is still at 25-30.   I don’t understand why it isnt getting better.  The valve is fixed.   Nobody can seem to explain why.   The surgeon told my cardiologist that the prognosis is good for my situation but it could take a year to recover.    I dont understand why and am a bit depressed not seeing much progress.       The echo last week did show my heart has come down a little in size and is now on the high side of normal.   Anyone else experience this?



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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 13,  2020  7:30am EST

    I had a quintuple bypass and I can tell you that recovery taking up to a year is accurate. Your body has been through a lot and it will take time to fully heal. I was and still am a runner before and after my surgery. I didn't start running again until about four months after the procedure and that was only mild at best. Have you gone to cardiac rehab? I highly recommend it. It helped me enormously by giving me back some of the energy at a quicker pace than I would have thought otherwise. Ask your cardiologist about it if you haven't already. I believe rehab can help your EF levels but you have to talk to your doc about it.

    Good luck in your recovery!


  • Pec1959
    Pec1959, February 13,  2020  8:24am EST

    Thanks, Jim.   I am in cardiac rehab now.   I seem to be doing fine with all the cardio exercises.    I figured since the  valve was fixed and no damage was done to the heart that I would see progress in my heart regaining EF.   I have been on Entresto for about 3 weeks now.   Was hoping I would see results and get the LifeVest off.   I am a bit worried that if no improvement I will need an ICD.

  • AZMiracle
    AZMiracle, February 18,  2020  9:40pm EST

    Hello! It took me 1.5 years for my ejection fraction to come back up to a normal range from 10% to 59%. Recovery is slow but don't lose hope! I was also on Entresto during the one and half years. I was recently weaned off it. 

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