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Mjohn1964, December 18,  2018  7:21am EST

Hi I am Michael

I am a 54 year old man living in South Carolina. I have ahd a up & down relationship with my doctors and the medical professtion for a couple of years. See I also have a thyroid issue and other things going on that cause me to gain a great deal of weight. Currently I am at 500 pounds. I am 6 foot 4. The past 2 years has seen me in the hospital with edema and cellulitus a total of 14 times. I kept being told CHF and then when I questioned them about it I am told No there is no sign,  you have a strong heart. I finally got a new doctor who has informed me I have "BOTH" types of CHF (did not know there was 2 types?)

Now I am  scared. I am so very tired, even affecting my everyday life. I do not even seem to have the energy to bathe myself on a daily basis, am depressed and just scared and lost. I do not want to die soon..but there is a vocie in the abck of my head that tells me..my time is up and there is nothing i can do...

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, December 18,  2018  8:25pm EST

    Hi Michael,

    As difficult as this is for you, it's important that you try and be as positive as you can under the circumstances. That's the best way to take control of your illness. Have you talked to your doctor in detail about your thyroid condition and what possible treatments are available? I would be asking a lot of questons. I would also ask what you can do to help control your weight. This will help relieve some of the stress on your heart. It will also help you regain some energy. Have you also considered any kind of counseling? Depression is common for patients of serious illnesses and therapy can be a very helpful way to fight it. None of this is easy I realize but please try to make a strong effort to regain control and work toward your recovery.

    Please keep us updated. I wish you well in your success!


  • Mjohn1964
    Mjohn1964, December 24,  2018  6:44pm EST

    You know I came here for support. Looking for answers and support. I did not deserve to be critised when I was being 100& honest about where I am and who I am. You judge without knowing the ins and outs. My weight gain is not caused by me being lazy or slothful. I do not eat like a bull. My energy level is very low, it takes everything out of me to do normal everyday things. I am sorry if what I am and what I am dealing with disguest you. But I am not here for you, and your acceptance maybe nice, and something I could use at this junture in my life..it is NOT critical!!!

    Thank you for the "warm welcome" and the judgements. Yu will go far with your website

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, December 29,  2018  7:03am EST

    Good morning MJohn1964, Thank you for sharing what is happening in your world and with the CHF diagnosis. It is very understandable that you are scared, confused and not sure where to turn next. I have read and reread Jim's response to you and do not think there as an intent to judge or challenge your current state of health. I am a DVT survivor and I am also a Thyroid Cancer survivor. Prior to finding the cancer and subsequently when my meds are not balanced properly, I was (or am) exhausted, all of the time.  If you are interested in pursuing the thyroid issue it might be worth a conversation with your doctor. 

    However, there is much more going on here- you need information and support to help you manage the CHF and we have that.  Here is a link to our Heart Failure patient education resources and HFPath, our heart failure management ap. There are three types of heart failure; left sided, right sided and congestive heart failure

    My hope for you is this, please know that our intent is to support you and there for you. If I can answer more questions for you, please let me know. Best Katie 


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, January 7,  2019  8:13pm EST

    Michael, we're hoping for you.  Although you have a thyroid condition, there really must be thing's you can do with your doctor''s help.  I know your difficulties cannot be easy, not by any stretch, and thereally are support groups as this one and in person .  We don't want you to die either.  Please pray.  He's watching over you.  God bless.

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