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ajones1976, August 30,  2019  7:42pm EST

Heart Transplant

Hi all, new to the network. My name is AJ and I was diagnosed with CHF at the age of 35. Now, 8 years later my heart is functing at less than 15%. Complications of the disease has taken a toll on my other organs and without a long term solution like a LVAD or heart transplant, I will not make it. Unfortunately I do not have insurance. No one will take me and medicaid has denied me. I'm seeking all resources, charities, financial assistance programs, etc. Do any of you know of any? Currently in the DFW area. Thanks in advance! 

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, August 31,  2019  9:56am EST

    Hi AJ,

    I am very sorry that you are going through this. Please don't give up hope! Have you looked into the healthcare.gov website? I believe you can enroll if you have a life changing condition. I assume you've conducted your own search but here are a couple you may have missed. patientadvocate.org and fifthseasonfinancial.com They offer further resources for seeking financial assistance. 

    Do you have any family members that can offer any help or other assistance? I know that can sometimes be difficult but family can be helpful in many ways during times of need. 

    Have you consulted with your cardiologist for suggestions? If so and he/she hasn't been helpful, I would suggest seeking out another physician.

    I wish you all the best in your efforts and truly hope you get the care you need. Please keep us updated on your progress.



  • dawnaclare
    dawnaclare, September 20,  2019  3:02am EST

    Hi AJ.  Have tried to set up a Go Fund site.online? Tell your story you just might some help this wya

  • jcnaw
    jcnaw, October 13,  2019  5:52pm EST

    How are you doing? Please send an update on your condition.

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