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JohnnyM, January 10,  2019  12:53am EST

Heart Medication - Entresto

I have started low does entresto and i heve a deep cough .  Is this common for entresto?  Or is this due to the low 20% factor?  Any experence with this medication out there?

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  • hammerdown
    hammerdown, January 13,  2019  11:45am EST

    Hey Johnny.....I can't give you a definative answer as yet. I began Entresto a few months ago then, after about 2 weeks, a crazy dizzy event happened so I stopped its use. Yesterday, I began using it again.  My lung congestion has recently worsened, but no edema.  Wife has an upper resp. thing going on and we both see docs tomorrow. so either I've caught her bug or my HF is worsening.


  • LouisB1
    LouisB1, January 13,  2019  1:35pm EST

    Entrusts made me caugh too

  • marshamd59
    marshamd59, January 14,  2019  11:04am EST

    Hi JohnnyM,

    Have you talked to your doctor? If not, I think you definitely need to. I was on Entresto for a short time, but could not tolerate it due to my low blood pressure which made me very lightheaded and dizzy. I’ve also read one of the side effects is a cough, but a cough can also be due to the heart failure. Anyway, please give your doctor a call. There are other medications that may work better for you or if your heart cough is worsening due to the heart failure, again your doctor needs to know. 

    Hammerdown - I’m glad you have an appt too. Definitely talk to him about your dizziness as well as the cough. 

    My very best to you my friends. Keep us posted how you’re doing.



  • RJA
    RJA, January 15,  2019  9:53am EST

    Have been taking Entresto for 6 months and has a cough for about 4 months. It went away. It has really lowered my blood pressure and am watching it closely as Doctor advise me to continue on the dose of49-51, but notify him if it made me dizzy. 

  • hammerdown
    hammerdown, January 15,  2019  4:16pm EST

    Things aren't totally going well. - I reinstated Entrest use BUT........both wife and I have an upper respiratory thingy going on.  I cough night and day as does wife. An Entresto side effect or the respiratory thingy the cause?  I'll do the 36 hour "washout" and go back to lisinopril and maybe try Entresto again in a month or so/  What I need now (along with wife) is a good nights sleep. We were seen by Primary Docs yesterday and it looks like a simple URI.  Haven't heard a peep from heart failure doc - guess he doesn't believe in communicating with his patients.


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