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ShierlyG, April 7,  2021  11:41am EST

Heart Failure

Hello. My husband, just got diagnosed with heart failure at 30. He just got discharged from the hospital last week. He went into cardiac twice, and was in the icu for a week. He's been recovering better then expected. He was so healthy before, and this all came upon us from one day to another. He was showing symptoms before, but we never thought it was heart failure, until he was in the ER, and the doctor explained to me what was going on. We have two children, so it's been so hard in my family. I feel so alone in this. Now that's he's home I been caring for him and making sure he okay with his medications, meals, and appointments. It's been such a drastic change within the last three weeks. I'm so overwhelmed, and I'm trying my best to keep it together for our family. I just don't know how to deal with this in my own and I'm not sure who to talk to. 

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  • Becky4242
    Becky4242, April 7,  2021  2:13pm EST

    ShierlyG, welcome to our little cardiac club. I am so sorry that you are feeling lost in this mess of a journey. My husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 2015 after a terrifying call to 911 one Friday night due to him struggling to breath out of the blue. That Friday morning he and I woke up just our normal crazy selves and before we closed our eyes that night we were FOREVER changed (not in a good way) This past 5 years and couple months has been emotionally draining, stressful and more overwhelming than I could ever express. I just want you to know that your husband can and more than likely will get better with some sort of  time frame being stable meaning asymptomatic or with minimal symptoms. After that time period will come the more challenging times when his symptoms are pronounced and limit his quality of life. The most IMPORTANT thing you should remember is that this stable period I'm speaking of can last anywhere from days to literal years, possibly even a dozen years IF your husband will take his meds, stay on target with Dr.'s visits, clean his diet up (no salts, processed foods, remain or become active ( 30 minute walks at least 3 days a week after dr clears him to do so )and fight for his own survival! Almost all current medical literature states that he can have a near normal life quality and life span by simply doing these things! Please DO NOT focus on the 50% 5 year mortality rates you will be bombarded with on the internet. Hold his hand, keep the smiles BIG and please do NOT forget to take care of yourself as if your a cardiac patient yourself! 

    Best wishes to you


  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, April 7,  2021  2:26pm EST


    Thanks for joining the Patient Support Network and sharing your story about your husband.  Please remember that you’re not alone. There are others here who have also been where you are now and are willing to share their experience and insights with you.

    This must be a big change that is very stressful for you and your family. It's normal to have feelings of isolation and frustration. Even with everything going on it's important make time for yourself. 

    We have some Resources for Caregivers that may be helpful. You can also contact your local chapter of the American Heart Association as they may be able to connect you with resources in your area.

    We wish you the best and please keep us up to date on how you and your husband are doing. 


    AHA Moderator


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