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Guest0406, May 1,  2020  4:23pm EST

Hear failure and Heart Attack


I am writing on behalf of my father- he is a 67 years old. He was recently diagnosed with heart failure- his heart function reduced from 45% last year to 35% this year. He suffered a a heart attack last week, the doctor called it ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome). While recovering from the heart attack he had a seizure on day 7 of recovery. Do any of you have any knowledge of whether the two can be related- seizure and heart conditions. Also his underlying conditions are: high blood pressure, high uric acid, high cholesterol and almost diabetic. He has a family history of heart problems. All his underlying conditions as well as the heart failure were untreated till a month ago when he started medication. Within three weeks of being on the meds he had a heart attack. Really looking for some answers and would be most grateful for any advice or sharing of experiences. Very best. 

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  • sc4880dc20
    sc4880dc20, May 1,  2020  9:04pm EST

    If I were get another heart doctor for your dad! Your father's EF % is moving in the wrong direction. Discuss with your doctor about your dad taking Entresto medication.   Lot of luck...... I wish your dad well.....


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, May 4,  2020  8:39am EST

    Good morning, this sounds like a very complicated case and I am so sorry your family is having to sort through all of this. I tend to agree with sc4880dc20, in that is sounds like a second opinion or more detailed work, or a better explanation to your family is in order. Who treated the seizure or did it resolve itself without medical care? It is always possible there is more than one issue going on. 

    I know it is very hard to be the health care advocate for your parent, I am in the same situation with my Mom. It took me a while to learn how to press the medical community for answers and then push to advocate for her. 

    I can share our Caregiver Support resources with you. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. Best Katie

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, May 6,  2020  10:40pm EST

    I agree with everyone about a second opinion. I would add to this that you never stop asking questions. Keep pressing until you get answers that are clear for you both to understand. My cardiologist will sit me down and thoroughly explain my questions and concerns. It's important that you find the same. There are answers and proper treatments and you've done your best to understand his condition so keep up the persistence!

    Good luck!


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