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jerzeycate, January 3,  2021  6:53pm EST

Handle With Care

Sometimes life feels like a country and western song
You wake up and wonder what will go wrong today
It can be hard to imagine anyone could understand
We all go through tough times
Times when it feels like everything's falling apart
When it’s challenging to see the good in anything
When it feels impossible to move forward
When it seems life will never make sense
When it’s hard to trust you’ll be happy again

But life is a journey
Where you are now is not your final destination
Every journey has ups and downs
Rough roads and smooth sailing
While this might be cliché it’s also true
None of us end up where we thought we would

You start out with plans to go in one direction
Then there’s a fork in the road
Next, you hit a detour
Ohhhh Noooo
Dead End
How did I not see that one coming

We can learn from our challenges and move on
Become happier than we imagined possible
But only if we keep moving
“Ever forward, never back.”
From adversity to the stars

It's a Great Day To Be Alive...

1 Reply
  • grtraver
    grtraver, January 4,  2021  6:14pm EST

    Oh Yea!  It is an AWESOME day to be alive! Thanks for the post it was great!

    After I came to accept what happened, I mean really getting to the point of understanding that "It is what it is" and making peace with it, I discovered a life that I never dreamed of before.

    But, that is so much easier to type than do some days, and that's okay! We survived, we are alive and we ****** well don't quit! 

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