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JanMac1, July 17,  2019  12:49pm EST

Experience with LVAD

My husband has had a 2nd heart attack and he has been diagnosed with HF. The cardiologist is recommending a heart pump. He's 78yrs old. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has had experience with having one. Thanks in advance.

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, July 17,  2019  7:22pm EST

    Hi Jan,

    I'm sorry to hear about your husband. You've come to the right place as there are many people on this site with a wide variety of heart related issues. When you say heart pump, do you mean a device that replaces the work of the heart? I once attended a support group in which a person there discussed an internal turbine device he had implanted that replaced the work of one of his heart chambers. It had a small external battery for power and he was very mobile with the device. I'm sure there are a variety of devices depending on the condition. Here's a little more information.

    I wish you and your husband all the best!


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, July 17,  2019  7:29pm EST

    I'm in my 50s, but only had a pump while recovering, much better, now.  Research, talking with other patients, and second opinions are my thoughts.  I hope things improve.  God bless.  

  • JanMac1
    JanMac1, July 17,  2019  8:05pm EST

    Thank you for the responses. The type of pump they are going to implant is the kind described by JamesPL. I didn't know the technical name or how many different types of devices there were available.

  • JanMac1
    JanMac1, July 20,  2019  7:33pm EST

    Thank you!

  • Rmp829
    Rmp829, August 8,  2019  10:11am EST

    My mom has had an LVAD pump for the past 8 years!  Any questions pleae let me know....

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