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Joe416869, February 3,  2019  6:01am EST

Ef of 10 in both left and right

Hello I am 50 yr old Male who has just been told I have sever hart failure , I had 99% blockage in the widow maker and the 89% and 95% in 4 others.  The first time they tried a hart cath was not successful , I needed a specialist that used a impala pump , so 2 stints and 4 balloons, my ef is 10 on the right and left side & I also found out I am a stage on diabetic. He want to add a device that will give my hart a slight jolt also. But I do not have insurance so I have applied for SSI , the woman from there said it can take months , but my doctor want to do the device asap , any suggestions 

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 3,  2019  8:41am EST

    Hi Joe,

    I am very sorry to hear of the difficulties you are going through. We had another person with a similar insurance issue and was advised to look into the  Patient Advocate Foundation. I hope this can help guide you in the right direction. I also wish you well in your treatment. We live in a world of amazing technological advancement in which we have all benefited from especially heart patients. My thoughts are with you.

    Good luck to you!


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 4,  2019  9:14am EST

    Good morning, I can also share these medicine assistance program resources for you as well. Please do let us know how things are shaping up for you! Best Katie

  • RIP12
    RIP12, February 6,  2019  7:58pm EST

    While you are fileing for SSI you may also want to go to your local DHHR and file for medicaid. SSI will grt you enough money to pay your living expenses where medicaid will pay or help pay your medical. Good Luck


  • JoeSzzz
    JoeSzzz, February 15,  2019  6:18pm EST

       I have had heart failure for the past 10-15 years. I take massive amounts of ubiquinol. I have been good for the past  10 -15 years - eventhough I have had "events" that would scare anyone. I used to go to the ER. I would run up big bills. I no longer do that after taking 1 gram of ubiquinol every 30 minutes until about 2 bottles are gone. This has been great! I still lift weights and excercise, with very little shortness of breath and ankle swelling comes and goes. How ever I am now treating the underlying problem....age. Your body is just wearing out! I have now - just last week - starting to take HGH to repair my heart and other organs. HGH reaches it's peak when you are in your 20s. You have to be careful, because as you age, you can grow some "bad stuff" in your body. When your body was young, you had young materials and very few defects, as you get older, drinking, bad eating, pollution, other harmful agents , take a toll on your body. So you have to be careful while taking HGH. HGH is mostly offered to the affluent class because they have the money to pay for the high price of HGH. You might be able to get it through your insurance company. The stuff used to be cheap....a long time ago. Massive amounts of ubiquinol and HGH. I hope this helps!

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 18,  2019  3:47pm EST

    Good afternoon, I wanted to share this article Expert Sounds the Alarm on Medical Misinformation . There is a place for supplements in recovery, however it is very important that you talk with your doctor before begining any new treatment plan. Thank you Katie

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