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TR1973, March 7,  2021  2:42pm EST

Don’t know what to do

Forgive me but this may be quite long. In 2015 I was told I had a mitral valve leak. It was watched till I had a bout of a fib in 2018. Told I should have it fixed. And that I would be better than new. Not so- surgeon said there was a procedure called the maze that would possibly correct my a fib. So I said sure. Well after a problem during surgery-the instrument used for the maze nicked an artery and I ended up with a heart attack, sepsis and 14 days in the hospital. Never told I also now had heart failure till many months later. Thought I was going to be ok. Needless to say I have lost any confidence i had in the medical profession. I know that is a strong statement. Then over a year ago I was told I needed a defibrillator so "I wouldn't drop dead". Went to see surgeon about that and told it was risky. So as of now I have not had it done. My EF is and has been around 20/25 for a very long time. 
I really don't know what to do. I do exercise and try to eat healthy and most days do ok. But other days I feel rotten. I am worried/anxious all the time. Now with COVID I hardly leave the house and have more time to dwell on all of this. 
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, March 7,  2021  4:05pm EST

    I am so sorry for your struggles. It is also unfortunate that you've lost faith in the medical profession due to your experiences. To restore your faith, it might be wise to seek treatment from alternative professionals. It' important that you trust those that are treating you so that you can concentrate on progressing toward recovery.

    Continuing to exercise and eating healthy is the right things to do. Did you formally enroll in a cardiac rehab program? The advice you get from physical therapists is priceless. They are there to help you and can show the best ways to help you get stronger. I would also recommend seeking counseling. Having heart failure is difficult and any help is beneficiary. Upon recommendation, I was counseled after my own heart surgery. They were very encouraging and gave me valuable advice. The counselors that advised me were through online sites so I didn't have to leave my house. With covid present, this could be the best way seek help.

    I wish you well!


  • Gmccanna
    Gmccanna, March 22,  2021  11:06pm EST

    Thank you for opening up the way you did.  I understand the feelings in not trusting the medical professionals.  I didn't want to believe them the first time my cardiologist told me I have CHF.  I'm 47 with no cholesterol issues, marathon runner, 120/80 BP, and ate healthy.  No way I could have CHF, right?  Also, my cardiologist walked into the room and said "you have CHF, I'll prescribe some meds, good luck!" And left the room. What?!?!  Then I got a ICD (pacemaker/defibrillator) and my cardiologist physician messed up the implantation of the device, caused my chest to swell outward 2 inches and it hurt so bad I was about to pass out...on top of that, the physician refused to provide any type of pain medication.  My wife raised hell in the recovery room so much that another doctor was called over to take over my case and provide some morphine.  My ICD sticks out now, more than normal and is tilted against my collar ****, which restricts my arm movement and causes pain.  After the surgery I felt better but something was still off.  I reached out to my cardiologist and he just talked about giving me more medications and a few antidepressants. But that's the problem, the medications make me feel so bad and so depressed.  I reached out to other doctors and they all had their opinions, but all lead back to taking more medications and "good luck!".   I almost given up on hope, Because I feel worse than the original diagnosis of CHF.  It's like which poison is worse.  I didn't trust no doctor anymore either.  Until one day, a friend of mine told me a story about his heart condition and his doctor and how he helped him to recover without taking any more medication.  So I got an appointment with my friends doctor, made two attempts to fly to see this doctor and finally had a visit with him.   He worked on fixing my ICD issues and improved my heart capacity by 8%! Plus he prescribed different medications, told me more on what to eat, how much to exercise and when.  He spent 3 hours with me, and made sure I had all my questions answers and I felt better.  What he did to me was restoring my faith and hope for life in general.  What I'm trying to say is don't give up, keep fighting to feel better.  It's hard to explain, but when you keep moving forward trying to better your life, doors finally open up.  Now, this story hasn't had a true happy ending yet, I still feel bad sometimes, but I finally got back my days where I feel joy.  This forum also has helped, keep posting, it helps us as it helps you.  


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