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rgundapa, July 28,  2020  3:10am EST

Do Meds really help?

I have been battling with heart failure for more than 4 years. In the first year itself, my ejection fraction dropped from 40 to 20 leaving me with no alternative but to stop using meds except diuretics and blood thinners. Just curious to know whether there is anyone who found meds helpful in recovery or haven't experienced deterioration of health.

5 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 28,  2020  8:55am EST

    Thank you so much for sharing your concerns with us. I do need to ask a few clarifying questions. Did you have to stop taking your heart failure meds? I can share what we have regarding living with advanced heart failure with you. But think with a little more information some of our members might be able to share their experiences too.  Thanks Katie

  • rgundapa
    rgundapa, July 28,  2020  11:03am EST

    I think I have mentioned that I have stopped taking all medications except diuretics and blood thinners. But still I wonder why the meds prescribed by cardiologists were having effects on me and wanted to know whether any other patients found those medications useful. As far as I understand I need just one more medication that will open up my blood vessels, not a dozen different ones like beta blockers, ATBs, Calcium channel blockers, nitrates etc. Those medications are bound to put a lot of pressure on my kidneys as I am supposed to drink very little water only and also the danger of diuretics not working on flushing out fluid build up.

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, July 29,  2020  9:13am EST

    Every patient is different regarding medications and each doctor will experiment with types and dosages to get it right. Although my experience is different than yours, I can share it nonetheless. I had bypass surgery and was put on three different meds almost immediately. A statin which I was told I'd be on for the rest of my life, blood pressure medication and a blood thinner. I questioned the blood pressure medication since I had never had high blood pressure and was told that for the first year after surgery, they want to closely monitor my heart. After a year, I was taken off the blood thinner and continued with a dosage of baby aspirin. My blood pressure meds were also reduced. Over time I became light headed frequently and was taken off the blood pressure meds as well. The first statin I was on affected me negatively and I was switched to a different medication which I've been on ever since.

    As far as whether the meds help, I believe the blood thinners and blood pressure meds did their job for the time I was being closely watched. The statins have had a major impact on my cholesterol. My overall number prior to surgery was in the 220-230 range. I am about 100 points lower now. The critical number is the LDL which has been lowered to an acceptable range. Recently that number took a spike for some reason so my cardiologist is having me get another blood test and if the number is still high, she asked if I'd be okay with increasing the dosage. Since I haven't had any adverse effects, I agreed to it. 

    Again I think every patient is different and you have to work with your doctor to see what types of meds and what kind of dosages will work for you.

    Hope this helps.


  • rgundapa
    rgundapa, July 29,  2020  7:20pm EST

    Thanks Jim. You must be from the US where the doctors are legally required to discuss the issues with the patient. I am from India where doctors don't talk to the patients. They merely carry some tests and write some medications after the test. They don't care to explain what those medications are, whether they are experimental and worse they write in such a way that We can not read the medication names. Ours is a ******** country that is full of dickheaded doctors. Sorry for the bad language.

  • 09111970
    09111970, July 31,  2020  6:31pm EST

    Its good you are researching yourself. We are in Aust and the Drs are the best but I still researched (and prayed) especially when we didn't have hope of things improving. Meds do indeed help. My husband had a low ejection fraction of 20 and low blood pressure so couldn't take the full dose of some meds but  6 mths later his EF improved to 30, they upped his meds a little and now his EF is 41. It was his medication and God's Grace. 
    Good luck to you, don't give up.

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