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blueeyes20, September 21,  2020  6:50pm EST


I have been having shortness of breath, fatigue and fast heartbeat for a while.  Shortness of breath was getting worse.  My MD ran lots of test did stress test, lab work, EKG then dr decided it was my sleep apnea I went to lung doctor and he scheduled sleep study.  My sleep study just confirmed I did have sleep apnea so I got a new machine since mine was quite old. This did not cure my shortness of breath and fatigue.  I was told by my MD that I have Diastolic Dysfunction 
Grade 1.  My MD did not think that was my problem.  I was sent back to lung doctor he did breathing test on me advised I did not have breathing problems.  He said he did not see any disease from my records. He suggested exercise since I have been sedentary due to shortness of breath.  He wants me to get heart rate up to 120 for 20 minutes 4 days a week.  I have been doing that for about a month. I am wondering if this is what is normally done when you have diastolic dysfunction?  My breathing is better but still struggle with it. I will go back to see lung doctor in 3 months to see if this helps. 

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 22,  2020  9:51am EST

    Good morning, I can share what we have on diastolic dysfunction, which lives in the Heart Failure family of cardiac disorders. In reading your post, it is clear that you have seen a general practitioner and a pulmonologist. Have you seen a cardiologist to confirm the diastolic dysfunction diagnosis? That might be a good place to start. Thanks Katie

  • blueeyes20
    blueeyes20, September 22,  2020  3:22pm EST

    No my MD did not really act like it was a big deal.  I am 66 yrs old and when I researched it on the net it said that was quite common for women.  I did not even understand what it was. I had them to spell it to me in MD's office so I could research it. I understand it better but MD did not mention going to heart doctor just sent me to Pulmonary Doctor who advised me to exercise 4 times a day.  I think I will make another appointment with MD to discuss that with him.


  • Margo1010
    Margo1010, September 25,  2020  10:31pm EST

    Get a cardiologist.  Please.  I have both diastolic and systolic. I always have shortness of breath especially when I firsr get up. Get an echo cardiogram. Best wishes from a heart attack and dealing with heart failure. 

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