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Haughton, July 14,  2019  8:18pm EST

diagnosis of Heart Failure is vague

Joined group recently and was diagnosed wit heart failure in emerge in March/19

BP was 184  chest pain fluid on lungs excess edaema in trunk legs and feet

Have had numerous tests Echo CT xrays blood work etc'

Only medication given were latix pills [water pills; Been on them since March.

BP is nomal 117-75  EF is 60%  lost 4 lbs so the only condition existing is minor edeama

still in legs and feet.  The cardio doc's are having a problem determining why the onset occured 

but still believe i have heart falilure. Is there any one else in the support group with similar symptoms

and confused with diagnosis?

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, July 15,  2019  5:56pm EST

    Welcome to the support group. I haven't had the specific condition you're describing but my cardiologist checks my ankles every time I see her which is twice a year. I'm no physician by any means but it sounds like your numbers are good. Have you talked to your PCP to see if you have some other condition unrelated to your heart? You say the cardiologists are having trouble determining the problem so perhaps it isn't your heart. They seem to have run the necessary tests. I would follow up with another doctor who is not a cardiologist.

    Good luck!


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, July 15,  2019  8:22pm EST

    One thing.  Try not to sweat everything.  Talk to doctors and other heart patients, do research, but go on with your life.  I could be hit by a car tomorrow, but I'd rather live in hope and for better.  God bless.  😇

  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, July 21,  2019  3:31am EST

    Good Morning my friend,

    If I were you, rather than worrying about "Why" this happened, I'd be asking the doctor What is my diagnosis of CHF based on.

    Probably at least half of the people in the CHF group I am active in on Facebook, more than half of them are cases where doctors have not been able to determine the how/why's of their disease. 

    I have found that a CHF diagnosis is not given lightly. Along with the symptoms you are having, there are tests which indicate CHR, rather than another disease/disorder, is at work. I've also my others like you who were diagnosed in the early stages, The doctors treated the problem that CHF was attached to and the CHF "went into remission." Remember that CHF is a "Secondary disorder." It  develops when something else is out of wack


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