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girlwriter66, September 27,  2020  9:24pm EST

Chronic "Bloating" with Heart Failure?

Hi there! My husband was diagnosed with heart failure in May 2019, with a 16% EF. (He was 54 then, 55 now.) Since then, he has had several procedures and currently has an ICD.

He is doing pretty well for the most part, but since early in this process he has been experiencing what he describes as a feeling of "bloating" or "indigestion." He says it "travels" up through his chest and then into his head. It makes everything feel tight, and when it gets to his head it makes him feel lightheaded / dizzy. Soaking in a hot tub helps a little, and he also takes Pepto Bismol throughout the day.

His cardiologist thinks it is perhaps a side effect of a medication, or perhaps of the combination of medications, but otherwise they have no idea. They sent him to a gastroenterologist, who put a scope down his throat and looked at his stomach (they didn't find anything noteworthy). The cardiologist recently referred him to have ultrasounds done to see if they could see anything. We are waiting on those results.

Has anybody else with HF experienced anything like this? We would love to find a solution to this chronic problem. Thanks!

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 28,  2020  8:50am EST

    Thank you so much for sharing this question. It definitely sounds like you all are doing all of the right steps to investigate the cause of this problem. I look forward to hearing from our members to know if anyone else has had to manage this. Best Katie

  • larrenzo
    larrenzo, September 29,  2020  4:52pm EST

    Good day,I am 69 years old, and have definitely experienced what your husband is feeling along with severe coughing and sometimes a sore throat from the "reflux'. As your husband, I have had every test performed specific to gastroenterology without solution. For me, it was finally finding a Dr that identified that fluid retention was the primary issue. As part of the resolution a cardiomeme was placed to monitor my fluid level. The Diuretic is was on was changed with an increase from 20 mg daily to now close to 400 mg daily. I can tell you that I was going to one of the elite hosptials for care and was continuing complianing about the same symptoms, being handed from one specialist to another. Between Dec '18 and Jan '19 I had 13 ER visits all with admissions, fortuantely after the last I found a heart failure specialist who performed a right cath and identified the issue. While my prognosis is not good at least I get relief from the symptoms you describe. Hope this helps, good luck and stay safe!

  • girlwriter66
    girlwriter66, September 30,  2020  3:33pm EST

    Thank you, larrenzo.

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