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JShoemaker1, August 14,  2019  9:54pm EST

CHF; what to do besides take meds?

Husband has been diagnosed with HF, 37 yo non-smoker and in shape.  Discovered due to trouble breathing...allergist lead us to cardiologist and here we are.

One year since diagnosis all we have done is work on medicines, trying to get Entresto dose up.  

Concerned that cardiologist has not addressed any other life style changes?  Diet, excercise, stress?  Only medicines.

Curious as to others experiences?  Thank you.

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  • Smiley76
    Smiley76, August 15,  2019  12:35am EST

    My husband is 45, with CHF, 7 months in ourselves. He has to watch his salt intake. 2000 of liquids a day. He talkes 3 different meds . Heart,  BP and water pill. The water pill he now takes when his weight is more the 5lbs after a week.  Some days are better than others. So it’s day by day.  He was feeling great in May. Somes meds were switched around in July and now he’s dizzy and nauseous a lot. So yea. 

    Best Wishes. 

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 15,  2019  7:32am EST

    Good morning, there have been many advancements in heart failure treatment over the years. I am sharing this article on Living with Heart Failure with you. Please know that we are here to support you and many of our members understand what you are experiencing. Best Katie

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, August 15,  2019  6:06pm EST

    My cardiologist has emphasized diet and exercise and my surgical team encouraged easing of stress and recommended I speak wth therapists about it. I would recommend that as well. To be clear, I have also been prescribed medication. I would strongly encourage exercise with his cardiologist's approval. A good start is cardiac rehab. Another point I'd make is that if you both feel you are not happy with his cardiologist then by all means get a second opinion.

    I wish you well.


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, August 16,  2019  9:50pm EST

    The way I see it is we have to be our own advocates.  Read, research online, talk to other patients, and know your meds.  They can only do so much.  I see it as up to us.  In the long run, common sense and learning makes us more understanding of a healthy life style.  All the best. 😃

  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, August 26,  2019  6:36am EST

    Good Morning....

    I'd say that you are right to be concerned about the limited scope of your husband's treatment program. While medications are of the utmost assistant, we know that cardiac diseases and/or disorders can be the result of lifestyle choices including diet and exercise.

    While my issues came from a viral infection of the heart, the first things my medical team did was discuss the importance of making new decisions regarding my diet, exercise, stress, and relationships if I were to have any chance of thriving in my new life. I eliminated most preserved foods (frozen and dry) because of the high levels of sodium and other chemicals. Eliminated table salt completely. Began eating a "clean" (fresh diet; making my food from basics including baked goods and desserts. Added fresh fruits, vegetables, and alternate sources of protein. Substituted vegetarian-style meals when available.

    Cut out sugar-based drinks..

    At the time of diagnosis, My EF was 11%, I was ineligible for transplant, and was given 3-months to live.

    It is 6.5 years later. My EF is 65%, BNP under 50, cardiac meds cut in half, COPD resolved with no residual problems. Kidney Failure resolved with no residual problems...I have lost 100lbs (this despite the fact that for the first 4 years I was too sick to be able to exercise (all but the simplest chair-based exercises).

    Now I am beginning to exercise...

    IT could not get much better than this. So, please seek out a consultation with a Nutritionist (most insurance companies will pa for cardiac patients. This person can help put together a thorough plan of lifestyle changes that can And Will help your husband live the best quality of life possible...


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