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Dsand146, January 19,  2020  8:49pm EST

CHF - Change of Medication


Recently my doctor told me he would like to change my medicine from Losartin to Entresto to strengthen my heart.  I am presently at 26% but he says I can aim for 40% by taking the Entresto meds.  I am nervous about changing because there are so many bad reviews.  

If you have experienced side effects from this medicine or aware of anything - positve or negative please provide information.

Thank You

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 20,  2020  5:59pm EST

    I understand your reluctance. I always get concerned when my cardiologist wants to change my meds. However, I do trust her judgement and after discussions with her, I typically take her advice. I think it's important to have full trust of your own doctor and then you can feel comfortable in what he or she may prescribe.


  • Dsand146
    Dsand146, January 20,  2020  9:57pm EST

    Thank you for the advice which I feel is true.   Have you had experience with Entresto?

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 20,  2020  10:50pm EST

    No I haven't but I'm always leery of new medications unless I feel it is necessary or I am comfortable with it. That's just me. I had refused to take any kind of statins that my PCP had wanted to prescribe until I was diagnosed with heart disease. Then I felt it was necessary.

  • Smiley76
    Smiley76, January 21,  2020  12:12am EST

    When my husband started this medicine his EF was 30% he had only took the medicine for about 3 weeks. He was extremely dizzy and felt like needles were coming through his skin. He had a headache that felt like he had a bowling ball in his head. They medicine was stopped but when they rechecked his heart with echo, his EF had went to 45%. So I don't if it was the medicine or just his heart. The dr (cardiologist)said he's seen great things with that pill.   Heart Failure dr. Said the  needle feeling is his heart repairing. I have no idea if anyone else has heard of this. 

    best wishes 

  • nycbenf
    nycbenf, January 21,  2020  10:34am EST

    45yo with 25% EF here. I switched from lisinopril to entresto about a month ago. Since adjusting to entresto my resting heart rate is in the low 50s and systolic pressure in the 90s. I've had some dizzyness but nothing too severe. My doctors do not expect an increase in my EF the goal is to reduce the chance of hospitalization or death.



  • Kimshe00
    Kimshe00, January 25,  2020  6:24pm EST

    I SWITCHED TO ENTRESTO 2 YRS AGO...i cant say it had made life better,  pros, less meds took the place of two of mine however, it is so hard if you are a low blood pressure person like me.  I AM 51 BEEN IN CHF FOR 20 YRS DOC SAYS HEART ONLY HAS 4 YRS LEFT.  WELL....SO IF ENTRESTO WAS SO GREAT i guess I would be in a different place.  But thats me it maybe great for others but you really have to stay ontop of pot. Because it changes, weight can go up down because built in diuretics,  i was i has more since I got on it then in my last 10 yrs,...now that can be my heart is just done.  And it is time....but really do your research and if your not sure there are other docs.  I DONT LIKE ONE i change i figure it is my life, they have knowledge but I know my body...best of luck

  • Awpkep
    Awpkep, February 3,  2020  10:29am EST

    Hi, my husband tried Entresto 2 different times.  EF 20.  Could not stay on it long enough to see if EF would increase.  Made him more light headed and short of breath, and lower BP to low, difficult to even take a very short walk, like out to get the mail.  But that's just him. His Cardio Doc said most of his patients tolerate it very well, but could see that it was not working for my husband. You may try and it and have good results.  Hope the best for you.

  • Jharad
    Jharad, February 7,  2020  10:27am EST

    My Doc put me on Entresto right out of ICU, with an EF of 25%. I was never able to titrate beyond a tiny, baby dose because of hypotension, and possibly due to that, despite all the other measures undertaken, my heart never improved. I'm now slated for a transplant. I also have a constant dry cough from the Entresto as a side effect, which isn't awful, but also isn't unusual.

  • Jim1962
    Jim1962, February 7,  2020  5:25pm EST

    I just started Entresto on Tuesday (so Day 4!), and haven't experienced any side effects yet. Before starting me on it, my cardiologist doubled my Lisinopril from 10 to 20 mg for a week to see how I felt, and to make sure my BP didn't get too low. Now off lisinopril.

    My pharmacy actually put my Rx on hold and plut in a prescriber request to make sure my doc told me to stop lisinopril.

    So, I'm short on experience, but I just wanted to make sure you know about the Entresto $10 co-pay you may qualify for:




  • sc4880dc20
    sc4880dc20, February 8,  2020  6:49am EST

    I have been on Entresto for about 5 months now after having a RF of 16 to 20 %. I didn't have a heart attack or a stoke, however I did have 3 stents put in and a pacemaker by recommendation of my cardiologist, because my RF was so low. Before I had the pacemaker & stents put in I wore a Life Vest for 4 months, while wearing it I didn't have any problems or events, which was good. After all of this my RF went up to 40%. The cardiologist told me that he was doing this as a precautionary.  I am scheduled to have another echo in June. I am also taking other heart medications along with Entresto..  Over all I do feel a lot better, however sometimes I do get tired and dizzy but not as much as before. ❤️ 

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