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jbm175, August 20,  2019  1:51pm EST

Chest aches/pains with dilated cardiomyopathy and HF?

I was diagnosed about 8 months ago with HF and dilated cardiomyopathy, and with a LV ejection fraction of 25%. The medications have been really helpful, and I've been able to maintain mostly my normal activities and work, although I find myself getting tired more often and easily. However, I also experience some intermittent pain in the left chest area. More of a dull pain that will come and go for a few seconds. It's not brought on by activity, but actually more common or at least noticeable when sitting down or resting. From what I've read, chest pain is normally common with this condition, but does anyone else ever experience similar chest pains? Or any ideas on what might be causing them?  Thanks!

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, August 20,  2019  7:49pm EST

    I have experienced similar chest pains and still do from time to time. If they ever get strong enough, I will question my cardiologist about them and she will typically have me do a stress test. These kind of pains seem to be fairly common from what I've read from others on this network. If you have any concerns, I would encourage you to consult with your cardiologist just to ease your mind.


  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, August 30,  2019  7:52pm EST

    I have also had to address issues related to chest pain. First All Chest Pain, until determined by a physician to be otherwise, is considered an emergency and you should seek immediate care. It was several years of ER visits, 3-day admissions and various treatments before my medical team was comfortable and developed a plan to address the situation as it arose. That may be the case today, but tomorrow I could have chest pain and it be my bodies way of telling me to "Get thee to the ER."  

    While many may share a diagnosis code we do not share the same body, medical history, comorbidities, medication regime, and various other things that make each situation unique. While my chest pain may be indicating benign cardiac vasospasm, yours may b indicating a major MI approaching.

    Please do not diagnose, or seek treatment for your symptoms based upon symptoms, diagnoses, or treatments that another patient is receiving...


    It's a great day to be alive...


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