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Becky4242, April 7,  2021  11:19am EST

Anyone here ever experience or currently experiencing shortness of breath at night?

My husband has been sleeping sitting up for apx one year due to shortness of breath after falling off to sleep. Now it's to the point that it's occurring while sleeping in an upright position as well. Any advice or comments would be very much appreciated.

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  • mghd20
    mghd20, April 7,  2021  12:04pm EST

    Hi Becky, I suppose the question I have for you would be, is this symptom new? Meaning has there been a diagnosis of Heart Failure or a previous incident? I had it bad leading up to and nearly collapsing. I'm amazed at all the loved ones that sign up here. So glad you're reaching out.

  • Becky4242
    Becky4242, April 7,  2021  1:54pm EST

    mghd20, yes diagnoses of late stage CHF  came in October of 2015. This struggling during the night started apx January of 2020. It's becoming more frequent, I'd guess apx 4 nights per week. There's very little lying flat anymore to sleep. 99 percent of sleep is done in an upright chair. During sleep my husband says he "wakes up short winded" and has to work to "catch his breath" for almost 4 years after diagnoses he was what I'd call asymptomatic however the past 14 months or so he's symptomatic most of the time even sitting and resting. 

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