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kellyjake, April 18,  2020  1:56pm EST

Anemia/Heat failure

 I am new here, i need feedback 

Three years ago I had a t10-s1 final fusion followed two weeks later by a cardiac arrest and CABG. I recovered well with cardiac rehab and was able to resume normal activities. 16 months later I had a total reverse shoulder. At that time my hemoglobin was 11.4. Several weeks laterI had the onset of atrial fibrillation.  I had a  successful cardio conversion. I was prescribed  Multac and Eliquis. Six months later I had an endoscopy. I was cleared for the procedure by my cardiologist. No blood work was done at that time. The endoscopy revealed I had GAVE and I was advised to watch for signs of blood in my stool.  Shortly after the endoscopy i began to feel fatigued and was unable to continue my exercise regimen of riding my bicycle 30 to 60 miles /week. As time progressed my condition worsened.  My hair stopped growing  and began to fall out, i lost my appetite and lost 15 pounds.  I made an appointment with my cardiologist's nurse practitioner. I was referred for pulmonology studies which were normal. no blood work was done at that time and it was also noted that I had a very low heart rate. I progressed with my fatigue and inability to exercise to the point I was unable to walk more than 100 yards without resting.

I ade an appointment with my cardiologist who thought heart failure was a possibility. He order a cardiac study. echo cardiogram, stress test etc. I also had blood work at that time.  I have access to my lab results and discovered I had a hemoglobin of 6.9. Being a laboratory tech in the military I knew this was dangerously low. I went to my urgent care and was immediately sent to the emergency room.  I immediately had blood transfusion.  There was slight blood in my stool. The next day I had an endoscopy and laser treatment of my GAVE.  The next week I had an appointment with my cardiologist who informed me I had an enlarged heart and 50% capacity other wise heart failure. He was not aware of my hospitalization until I informed him.  He looked at the record and said I was anemic. Informed him I was being treated by my primary for Iron deficient anemia. I also informed him my hub had been 6.9 and I had recovered to 8.5. He informed me I should exercise as much as I could tolerate.

I been to feel better immediately and was able to resume my bicycling.  Three months later I am riding my bicycle 40- 80 miles / week. My hgb is 11.7 at my last blood test 3 weeks ago.  I feel great and and am hiking regularly until the pandemic closed most trails.

My question are

could my cardiac study been affected by my anemia?

If I do have heart failure could the 18 months of undiagnosed anemia cause cause  my  heart failure to worsen?



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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, April 19,  2020  5:48pm EST

    Hi Kelly,

    These really sound like questions for your cardiologist. The good news is that not only is exercise recommended for you but that you are now able to do it and feel pretty good at the same time. Those are two big pluses! This will help strengthen your heart and, as you well know, does wonders for your well being! The pandemic has closed parks near me also but they have allowed the trails to remain open. Regardless, I have made it a habit to walk almost daily. Whatever you can do to get out in any way, shape or form is a benefit.

    Good luck and keep at it!


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, April 21,  2020  9:17am EST

    HI! I know this must be so frustrating for you. I agree with Jim, the medical questions should go to doctors. For the exercise part, I can share the cool new project AHA is doing. It's call Move More and can be found on our social channels at the following times. 

    Join us live for a #MoveMore Party!

    Grab your family and friends and get your hearts pumping with this week’s line-up:

    • Monday - April 20, 2020
      Dance Party with tWitch & Allison (Noon CST)
      Pilates with Neela Forzisi (8 pm CST)
    • Tuesday - April 21, 2020
      Workout with Uti Middleton (8 am CST)
      Yoga with Sylvia Mason (8 pm CST)
    • Wednesday - April 22, 2020
      Dance Party with tWitch & Allison (Noon CST)
      Latin Cardio Dance with Gina Granger (8 pm CST)
    • Thursday - April 23, 2020
      Workout with Uti Middleton (8 am CST)
      Yoga with Sylvia Mason (8 pm CST)
    • Friday - April 24, 2020
      Dance Party with tWitch & Allison (Noon CST)

    Also streaming Facebook and YouTube.

    Here is a sample of what was hosted this morning 

    And this news release shares more about the project as well. Move through the tough times, together, with tWitch and Allison Boss, dancing duo and TV personalities

    As long as your doctor agrees, these could be helpful exercises for you as well. 

    Thanks Katie

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