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SouthernSweets, June 10,  2016  11:02am EST

Zoll Lifevest - Any other sufferers here?

I had 3 LAD Stents on April 28, 2016 after going to the ER with a crick in my neck.  Apparently my heart attack had begun two days prior. Dr. said he was baffled that I am still living, I never lost consciousness and actually worked and drove home on both those days.  My ejection fracture is 20-25% so I left the hospital with a Zoll lifevest, which I hate beyond measure.  Anyone else here have to wear one?  I am having my next echo on July 8 to see if I have to have an implanted hoping I don't, but not holding my breath!  Would love to hear from someone in the same situation.  I am a 50 yo female with no prior history of heart disease, hpb or cholesterol problems but was undiagnosed diabetic.
  • DatOne14
    DatOne14, March 10,  2018  1:03am EST

    I'm sorry to hear that so many people dislike their Zoll life vest :(

    I am a 52 year old female recently diagnosed with a 15% ejection fracture from idiopathic dilated cardiacmyopathy. BAMM! ! The Zoll life vest is the best damn thing that has happened to me (after diagnosis) I have three beautiful grown sons who make the inconvenience of a wearable vest insignificant. 

    1.Make friends with your vest.Give it a name!! (I did) ♡♡

    2.Buy a fanny pack to carry the monitor  

    3. Consider the alternative ....Life is GOOD!! #ATTITUDEISEVERYTHING

    Love and light to all-


  • MomofHLHS
    MomofHLHS, February 8,  2018  2:01pm EST

    Please look at the Article in Health News Review on Zoll Life Vests. Very important.

  • Dbolin1972
    Dbolin1972, January 18,  2018  1:19pm EST

    I myself had this vest for six months from Aug 2016, Thank God no problems but my father just had his heart attack in Dec 2017 and was giving the vest and Died with it on from it not going off. At a cost of 4000.00 per month not sure if its worth it even tho the hospital wouldnt let you leave without it.

  • AugustHeart
    AugustHeart, October 29,  2017  2:47pm EST
    Heart 242 - I have spoken with Zoll three times. The electrode components for the LifeVest only come in one size. The vest itself comes in different sizes. Because the electrode components are longer than the vest, the excess wire bunches under the material vest and causes the electrodes to lose contact with the skin.
  • drckeene
    drckeene, October 19,  2017  6:34pm EST
    I just received my Zoll vest last night and truly hate the damned thing! Had to have the vest while awaiting reimplantation of main lead for my pacer/defib implant (blown lead made it necessary to deactivate the defib function of the implant). The Zoll is really irritating under my breasts, annoyingly bulky and heavy, and had to be designed by men! What an annoying disaster. Zoll needs to take some big lessons from Medtronic on miniaturization and cost effectiveness,
  • Heart242
    Heart242, October 11,  2017  7:36pm EST
    Augustheart, To answer your question as your correct. Zoll has five sizes available for their lifevest patients. Call the 800 number and request to be remeasured and they have to send someone out to your home. Best of luck
  • AugustHeart
    AugustHeart, October 5,  2017  6:58pm EST
    I called Zoll today to find out if there are other sizes of equipment to go with the garment. The wires between ports on my life vest are too long and curl up and make the vest uncomfortable. Additionally, the curled up wires make it difficult to get the sensors to lie flat against the skin. When the sensors don't make good contact then the life vest sometimes activates and I'm actually quite concerned about being shocked when I don't need one. Zoll Tech support told me that there is only one size . I find that incredible. How can the product adequately meet the needs of a 120 pound woman and a 240 pound man? The chest circumference has to be very different. I looked at the senior management staff and it is all male. I wonder if this is why they don't make an adequate and comfortable product for a woman.
  • Jac121
    Jac121, September 29,  2017  8:33am EST
    My father was fitted for one last week. They didn’t measure him right. It was too big. The sensors would freak out. Yesterday he left by ambulance because the monitor was trying to initiate treatment. After being refitted and told it was just the vest, we now have a huge medical bill coming our way. He almost was shocked for no reason. This morning the sensors freaked out again. This machine will cause more heart attacks and problems than save people if this is going to continue. When the zoll rep asked how we liked the vest, she was upset and offended by our honest answer. What is anyone supposed to do when the device malfunctions so much. We’ve been told 4 different ways to clean the pads and sensors. Measured wrong, been told operator error. Ect. I hope that it can be designed better bc this vest is a great idea but terrible engineering behind it.
  • AugustHeart
    AugustHeart, September 8,  2017  4:53am EST
    As you can see, the wires between contact points are too long. They coil up and press against the skin while wearing the vest. This is a poor design feature and adds to the discomfort of wearing the vest. They really need to do a lot of work on it. They could shorten the cords to allow a better fit or thread the cords through protective material so that the wires don't press into the skin. In my view - cheaply made to maximize profit. Hopefully somebody else is out there designing a better product.
  • AugustHeart
    AugustHeart, September 7,  2017  4:44am EST
    I had a heart attack in August and they gave me the Life Vest. I agree it is horrible. The wires between sensors are too long and curl up and twist and press against the skin when you wear it. It is not well made. The vest rolls up and the sensors go off. I don't trust it very much since I took it off and forgot to disconnect the battery and it took 10 minutes to alarm. It sensed nothing for 10 minutes and it didn't go off. Makes me wonder how well it works. I was glad to see the comments on cost. I will check with my insurance company and make sure I understand the bill. Thanks for this forum!
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