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cdameron, January 20,  2020  11:37am EST

What chest pain after stenting?

This has been a discussion before. I found this interesting and at the same time maddening that more information isn't given with hospital discharge after stenting.

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  • EMON1
    EMON1, January 20,  2020  12:45pm EST

    Thank you, another good read. I agree, there seems to be A LOT of things they neglect to inform heart patients about that might help them through an already scary time of unknowns.

  • seattledave
    seattledave, January 21,  2020  10:53am EST

    Wow !  I really like your Heart Sisters shares.  I would probably never see these stories if you didn't share. Thank you.   But this story in particular !   Ya... why didn't my cardiologist(s) or cardio nurse staff share this info with me ?   Are they really ignorant of this information ?  I doubt it.  I think that the withholding of this info has to do with lawyers and money (sorry for the cynicism).  But the idea behind the cause of the pain makes perfect sense, to me.  I know I had those "weird pains", mentioned them to the Dr's several times. Mostly got shrugged shoulders as an explanation.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm getting the mushroom treatment.  

    Anyway, thanks for the good info.  I'll put it in my toolbox of coping tools.  I hope others pick up on it too.


  • Josep
    Josep, January 22,  2020  6:59pm EST

    I was told there would be some chest pain while my heart adjusted to the stents. Only if the pain lasted more than 5 minutes should I worry or go to the ER. Of course, it is still worrying. The chest pain, more like an ache, is light. I'm 6 months out and still get the chest aches. 

  • yarn007
    yarn007, January 22,  2020  10:31pm EST

    How interesting.   Thanks for sharing that.   It makes perfect sense, but wonder why patients are never told about that possibility.

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