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Beverlyann44, October 15,  2020  6:22pm EST

Unknown heart attack

In 2019 I had a visit with my primary care doctor and she said my heart rate was low so she had the nurse do an EKG and after she read it she had to do another one and then she said I'm sending you to the cardiologist and of course I was a little scared but she said not to worry he would explain everything. When I got to the cardiologist I was sitting right next to him this was before Covid and he said when did you have a heart attack and I said I didn't and he said I'm looking at it and that was really scary that I had one and I didn't even know it and I consider myself very lucky. So he did all the tests stress  etc.when I went back to see him after the results room he said I had the large artery 95% blockage and another one that was 90% blocked and another one that was 60% blocked well since they can only do three at a time he overlapped to to do the large one and did the other one that was 90% and we're just keeping an eye on the other one it's very scary though and I just had a check up and he said it was stable but I just worry that I could have another heart attack and not know it and it could be worse I try not to think about it a lot but it's always in the back of my mindI am 76 years old and trying very hard to quit smoking which is awful I know but it's very hard to quit. I just want to say women especially be very careful and watch the warning signs you could be having a heart attack like I did and not even know it.


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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 16,  2020  8:47am EST

    Good morning, Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story with us. And I am so glad to know that you are trying to quit smoking. That is SUCH a huge accomplishment and will go a long way towards keeping you healthy. I grew up in a family of smokers and know first hand how difficult it is and want you to know many of our members have experienced this challenge. 

    I am going to share two resources with you. 

    Our Go Red For Women heart health messaging platform

    Smoking cessation resources 

    Please keep us updated on how you are doing and how we can help support you. 

    Best Katie

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