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Catkoe1, November 19,  2020  10:08pm EST

Two heart attacks within 6months. All new to me

So last Christmas time I was having lightheaded ness when I would bend over to out my tee in the ground while golfing and would almost pass ou. So I had a cardiac work up in February and with a nuclear stress test and cat scans, etc. all clear.  Within the following ten days of that all clear I had three incidents that felt exactly like a heart attack, but can't be... I had all clear.  GP felt otherwise and sent me for an angiogram...yep a 90% blockage in the Lad. A stent inserted.  So blood pressure meds, rovustatin and blood thinner meds, for the next few months FELT great but noticed light headless once in awhile.  One morning before golf, instead of going to golf I had a dull mild uncomfortable ache in my chest so went to Er.  After two blood tests...yes that was a heart attack... angiogram and two blocked arteries at a joint (like an upside down Y). Also in Lad. Then a retro peritoneal hematoma with much loss of blood and four days in ICU I finally came home. This all on October 6th of this year. 45 days ago.  Now on two cholesterol meds, brilanta blood thinner and the worst beta blocker that has caused me to be covered in hives.  I can handle all this, except I am having a terrible time with the fear of having another one in the near future. I was hoping cardiac rehab would have emotional support group but they didn't at the one I went to, so I am reaching out for help/suggestions here.  I am shocked that I am feeling this vulnerable because I have never felt like this.  Thanks for listening. 

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  • KarlR
    KarlR, November 20,  2020  4:54pm EST


    I get the feeling that cardiac rehab has cut back on what they provide due to the pandemic.  I know that my cardiac rehab center stopped providing nutrition classes, because the risk of exposure was too high.

    I can see why you're feeling vulnerable.  I'm sure I would be too under the same circumstances.

    I know that psychologists / counseling services are in high demand due to the pandemic, but you may want to see if any are available.  I think a lot of them are doing Zoom appointments (or the equivalent).  In addition, a lot of people recommend meditation.  It's probably worth a try, if you haven't tried it yet.

    I wish you the best of luck in the future.  You're certainly due some.

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