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Dayogls, October 17,  2019  6:13pm EST

Troponin-I levels

So going over my medical discharge papers I saw my troponin-I levels were  .19 ng/ml

My INR was 1.2


I did some light research but i didnt really understand anything 

It said if you've had an MI then it should be in the .4 something  

Anyone know what all of this means ?

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  • JeffB
    JeffB, October 17,  2019  8:51pm EST


    My SN brother Paul is right, Dr. Google is the worst. I actually went so far as to block sites like that on my router where I can as a reminder that those answers are never answers. As Paul knows, I was the fool going to the library and checking out 13 books on cardiac science and then buying three books on dying as I did almost 5 years ago after my widowmaker.

    Let time be your healer. Partner with your Dr's. Keep talking here and feed all those panic attacks through us as you need to. That's what this community is all about after all. No one will judge you or make you feel alienated here. It's like this crazy good virtual network of people who almost died and suddenly realized that Holy Sh1t, this just happened to me. And then the ensuing flood of emotions during the redefinition of ourselves. You are young. But there are so many folks like you out there. I met a 24-year-old woman who runs marathons after she had a stroke. I met a 33-year-old dude who runs 5k's after his heart attack. Do you know what they have in common besides youth? They are still running.

    Give things time. Trust me. It's the only fulcrum that bends reality versus my anxiety in the best of ways.

    I have no idea when my heart is going to blow again, but, that's the thing. I am pouring every ounce of energy I have into not worrying about it and making every other minute that I am not dead matter. Like climbing mountains matter. They suck on the way up, and sometimes on the way down, but damn if I don't feel full on alive, like you must with your kids which, sadly, I don't have. Whatever it is that gives your life that deep axis upon which it spins, hold tight to that. Just that. Then trust time will show you the answer.


  • nghafner
    nghafner, October 18,  2019  11:27am EST

    Those sound like questions for your Health Care team, if you really must know

    "Forget yesterday, live for today. Tomorrow will take care of itself." 

    When I get anxious or start worring about the 2 inches of metal that's in my heart, I exercise, meditate, pray, and come here to find the POSITIVE feedback that concerned survivors have. All of us here are survivors!! That alone should bring you comfort. 

    @Paul, wish you didn't have to leave us!! 


  • Fairfax
    Fairfax, October 18,  2019  3:29pm EST

    Paul300.   I don’t like that you are leaving the site.   I have gotten a lot of good suggestions from you.   Please reconsider.    

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