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JeffB, August 12,  2019  7:56am EST

Three questions for those struggling with cardiac anxiety

I wrote this post over the weekend after reading about a guy who died while hiking in the Smoky Mountains recently. Having climbed Spence, Rocky Top and Thunderhead myself, not four weeks ago, I could see how that could bring on a cardiac event, or exacerbate one, due to the sheer effort involved in climbing some of those peaks. Still, truth be told, I would be at peace dying out on some mountain surrounded by trees knowing that I spent my last breaths while living and doing something that I loved.

The point of this posting is that I want to share the three questions (as follows below). Most of us have struggled with some form of depression or anxiety after a heart attack. I’m over four years in now. I have changed in more ways than I can count.

I guess I wanted to present the same 3 questions I asked myself. The personal answers I found, so far, have been enough to get me back on track again. It took a great deal of effort, was humiliating at times, but in the end, I am no longer suffering from panic attacks. I don’t stay up at night worrying. I’m doing things that gave back meaning to my life. So I am leaving this here for the group. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea mind you, but I hope this helps someone out there, even in a small way.

How do you want to live? What gives you purpose? Where do you find joy?

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  • chavezk
    chavezk, August 12,  2019  8:33am EST

    @JeffB  Fabulous post.  Focusing on those questions are great ways to motivate change in ourselves.  Finding what we love doing can help overcome the hurdles of trying to push anxiety aside and start living again.  Thank you for your motivational posts.

  • Cath4
    Cath4, August 12,  2019  1:57pm EST

    @Jeff, thank you for your post. I am 6 weeks post HA & struggling with sadness & emotions everyday. I am sure I have anxiety but the emotional side is worse. Thank you for your words of encouragement & hope, I appreciate it. 

  • Wainy1
    Wainy1, August 14,  2019  10:59am EST

    Being English allow me to judge the tea Jeff thoughts f death sometimes alarm me and frighten me  really bad and on other days it is what it is I am unable to balance this with the carefree attitude I had prior to my HA so I aim for more it is what it is days per week .

    questions like this do help us focus upon the now and God did never promise any of us tomorrow 

    So do not worry about tomorrow it will have enough worries if it’s own.

    there is no need to add to the troubles each day brings 

    From a lot wiser source than I Oh and the tea is first class mate 

  • steveSD
    steveSD, August 14,  2019  12:59pm EST

    Nice post. We all deal with anxiety in this club none of us asked to be invited to. I function best when everything that I can control is intact. I do have to give myself a break when life throws a wrench in the works though. Lately I find that missing a workout can get me out of sorts until I settle back into the routine again and I'd like to be more relaxed about it. It does feel good to be nearly back to my old strength and I get a certain amount of joy when my blood tests come back with good news. I'm working on finding more joy. Work is a grind and my fiancee feels like we're on a hamster wheel sometimes so trying to lift her up too. 

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, August 16,  2019  9:46pm EST

    It''s your life.  Live it.  Care for family and friends, but be positive.  Your example will remind them.  

  • RaizAli
    RaizAli, August 18,  2019  4:08pm EST

    Curricular and Academic first,


    Ofcourse want to live fully satisfied and happy with my family.


    My family gives purpose and reason to live a normal life especially my three and a half year daughter, MAHAM ALI 😊


    Spending lots and lots of (quality) time with my family especially when we are on a distant tour on vacations is what gives me lots and lots of pleasure.


    Now I would like to be a little extracurricular here,

    Very Nice DP Jeff,

    You look to be meditating here on bank of such a fabulous stream and pebbles. It would have been contrary here with me 😊, sending you a pic here on a place   at least seven thousand feet above sea level in northern areas of Pakistan.

    Since I can attach just one pic here with this reply, I’ll be sending Maham,s pic following this reply.

  • RaizAli
    RaizAli, August 18,  2019  4:13pm EST

    Purpose of Life

    and Joy in Life you were asking about  darling Jeff ? ( Plz Pardon)

    You see the pics of my “purpose and joy” ? MAHAM ALI






  • LuckyDucky
    LuckyDucky, August 27,  2019  8:21pm EST

    Great post as usual Jeff.  You certainly have a talent for crafting your thoughts in an articulate and thoughtful way.  Very glad to see that you're on the mental it's a journey for all of us.  

    Thanks for inspiring us to do better.


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