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VolModMike, August 26,  2019  6:03pm EST

test results

I had my tests today as some of you know was coming up. Anyway, I got the call with the results. The Doc said they found nothing significant, that's not to say perfect but nothing earth shattering. I kind of figured that's what would happen. It makes me glad. I want to thank you all for for words of encouragement. It means a lot. This is a great site and there's a lot of great people. I hope it only keeps growing. But wouldn't it be nice if we didn't need it? Maybe some day.


  • EMON1
    EMON1, August 26,  2019  7:14pm EST

    That's great news, congrats! I'm sure that comes as a relief.

  • Mb120918
    Mb120918, August 26,  2019  7:17pm EST

    Excellent Mike !!!  Very Happy for you.  It's wonderful to get great news.


  • JeffB
    JeffB, August 26,  2019  8:48pm EST

    That's awesome to hear! Thanks for the update man!

  • ThoseEyes
    ThoseEyes, August 26,  2019  9:11pm EST

    Glad to hear it Mike!

  • faxo123
    faxo123, August 26,  2019  11:32pm EST

    That's really great to hear. 

  • RaizAli
    RaizAli, August 27,  2019  2:04am EST

    Hi Mike, 

    Waooo !!!

    It’s really nice to start the day with that wonderful news. Yes, of course it means a lot . I can perfectly relate to it, I remember how happy and relieved I was when I had mine encouraging nuclear stress test result as well two years back. 

    By the way in my opinion nothing happens to be earth shattering in this world. Nothing happens to be the end of the world .Everything had happened  and every  thing had and has happened for a reason. It’s all how our nerves, wits and perceptions receive some unexpected event. 

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we don’t need it 😊, that is I figure rephrasing “why me ?” As I said  there is always a reason. How would I have met so many helping hands and encouraging  people like you if I have not had my cardiac event in first place, please excuse my grammatical errors, you know conditional sentences have always confused me even during my academics😩😊.

    This place is a nice  because you are here Mike and many other people like you. 

    A strange thought Mike I would always like to remain a part among here Mike. I figure that’s mine weird philosophy.

    Wish you wondrful time, ahead, Mike.


  • nghafner
    nghafner, August 27,  2019  7:33am EST

    Great news! That's a relief. Yay! 💖

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 27,  2019  9:25am EST

    YAY!!!!! This is such good news :) Katie

  • VolModMike
    VolModMike, August 27,  2019  11:03am EST

    there's been somewhat of a change. The cardiologists office called back today. Seems he found a "ballooning" in the aorta going to my heart. At this time it's nothing to be too concerned about. it's 3cm long. I don't need a follow up for till 2 years from now. They said it's very important to keep my BP down and keep away from tobacco, particularly cigarette smoke. no problem. Don't worry, I'll be fine. Just another bump in the road and I have good shocks.


  • VolModMike
    VolModMike, August 27,  2019  11:05am EST

    Reading all your comments is very heart warming...Thank You!!!

    this line is an edit...Thoracic aorta aneurysm. that's the fancy term.



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