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KarlR, September 30,  2020  5:50pm EST

Takeout Troubles

My wife and I usually end up ordering (moderately priced) takeout food once per week.  Post-HA, it's been a challenge to find restaurants that have any heart healthy options.  So far, we've been relying on two options: (1) a seafood restaurant that offers grilled and blackened options, and (2) a build-your-own-burrito place that has heart healthy options.  The only restaurants that have particularly healthy menus are clustered in the neighborhoods popular with Millennials (on the far side of the city).  I'm sure fancier restaurants would have heart healthy options, but that's not in the budget on that regular of a basis.

What do you all do for heart healthy, moderately priced restaurant food?

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  • Mb120918
    Mb120918, September 30,  2020  6:22pm EST

    Hi Karl, that's a good question.   Sometimes a roasted chicken from the market with a side salad, wendy's chili, chinese chicken and broccoli no fried rice.  It's not easy.  I am eager to see what others will say.


  • nghafner
    nghafner, September 30,  2020  7:19pm EST

    Hi Karl, when my husband and I get take-out or eat in a restaurant we always request no additional salt or sugar added. I learned that post heart attack when we went to a restaurant and sat near the cooks. They were adding salt by the handfuls to the food that they were preparing. And typically Asian restaurants will add additional sugar. I think if we only do that once a week or so it's not so bad. Subway is a great alternative. A lot of fast food restaurants post their menus and all the nutritional values online.

    Good luck, Nancy.

  • vancet
    vancet, October 3,  2020  2:37am EST

    Yes it's tough.  Even the supposedly healthier options have really salty breads or carbs and some are fortified with additional sugar.  Which is why when I go out and say, eat at a Subway, dressing is either a couple of drops or completely off.  The meats are usually salty enough for flavor.  I usually go to places that have some kind of bowl with quinoa/brown rice mix and control the sauce.  LIke Nancy said, you can request little or no salt or just ask for the sauce/dressing on the side so you can add as little as you are able (but still edible).  It's not always an option but it doesn't hurt to ask. I go for multigrain wraps usually when we eat out.  I learned to like water (used to drink soda whenever I go out) or really watered down lemonade/OJ just to have some flavor.  I no longer finish everything and just have the leftovers to go when I eat out and dine in.  I also avoid anything fried as per doctor's orders.

  • Ripo23
    Ripo23, October 4,  2020  11:21am EST

    Hi all,

    So I have the same dilemma. Especially when I used to travel for work pre covid. Here are some options that I use ..

    1) Mediterranean/ Greek. ...great options with salmon, chicken or vegetables.  the dressing / sauce on side. 
    2) Indian (non creamy / buttery curries). It would still be more salty than desired. But no meat option, tomato based curries works. 
    3) med veg at Panera. 
    4) veg burrito at chipotle. Minimal salsa. 
    5) Iranian kebabs with the shirazi salad. 
    6) Whole Foods Buffett (pre covid). 

  • vinsparty
    vinsparty, October 6,  2020  11:49am EST

    I agree with you on the difficulty of trying to find healthy takeout / restaurant options.  I have found myself tyring to find menus in advance and look at nutrional items.  It is actually shocking to see how much fat and sodium my prior meal choices had!  I agree with comments about asking for no salt options/preparation which might not be avilable in many places (or I would not trust them).  I also tend when eating out to try and stick to generally healthy items like fish, grilled chicken, salad (no dressing - which i add my own olive oil/vinegar at home), etc. with side of vegetables.  I also follow philosophy of having balanced diet so if you have one meal out but overall fits within a well balanced diet that this will be ok and I won't beat myself up over tracking every single nutritional metric.

    Lastly, if you google "heart healthy restaruant options" or something similar you can get some thoughts on options at popular chain restaurants that are more on healthy side.  You might even find some local restaurants that cater to this.

    Good luck!

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