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Josep, January 22,  2020  7:09pm EST

Stress test results

I am good!!!! The stents are open and ok. My heart is getting good blood supply. My Dr said I have a 1% chance of having another heart attack in the next year, no worse than anyone my age (66). All great news.

So then I asked why am I still so tired? Why do I not feel back to normal yet? The crappy answer I got was "After a major health event our baseline changes as we get older."

Well, **%%&*^ "older". Building up stamina will be my first goal at the gym. Long term training to be able to hike 10 miles with a small backpack. 


5 Replies
  • EMON1
    EMON1, January 22,  2020  8:29pm EST


    On the 2nd part, he sounds like a SOB, acting like 'he' should be 'thanked for saving your life', and not have you 'bother' him with things he can't answer. [I'm pretty sure it was 'your' hard work and meds that got you your success. ('Getting old' is a very weak and lazy answer from a Dr.)]

    CONGRATS again!

  • Djwel
    Djwel, January 22,  2020  9:48pm EST


    Congrats on the test results, very encouraging!  I agree with Emon1 - the "getting old" answer is getting old. I heard that from a Rehab tech today (I wanted to smack her-but refrained, ha); and I sure didn't appreciate it.  What "baseline" is your physician talking about anyway?  We are individuals, and we need individual answers, not some cliche', right?  

    Having said that; i think you are setting good goals, and I can't wait to hear when you reach those goals. I have hiked most of my adult life, and my goal is to get back to that - but I know it will be a little while.  I wish you well on this journey.


  • yarn007
    yarn007, January 22,  2020  10:27pm EST

    Wonderful news!   Thank you for sharing it.   It is nice to hear the great news.

  • vancet
    vancet, January 25,  2020  3:58am EST

    I echo everyone's congratulations, Josep.  I'm sure you'll be able to get back to hiking long distances again.  It's frustrating but doctors still know far too little about cardiac issues.  All mine seem to care about is that I'm still breathing and not about my shortness of breath. 

    I'm learning to just live with it and ignore it as it's so normal now.  At this point I've accepted my current limits and will just build on cardio so I can start road races again.  My aim is to run a half marathon before my 2nd HA anniversary in June 2021.  So let's keep on working towards our goals.  

  • Djwel
    Djwel, January 25,  2020  11:29am EST

    Thanks vancet; i needed to hear that this morning; as I have long-term goals of hiking again.  But I cannot put expectations on those goals just yet.  I look forward to the day I feel more normal.  but what is normal anyway?  I only have my "before" and "after" HA - so sometimes it's just one day at a time.  Grateful for the good days (and nights).  Don't get me wrong; I'm not always grateful > sometimes I'm a sad sack.  




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