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Bobbi112267, January 20,  2020  5:21pm EST

Skipping beats

I am a 52 year old woman who had a nstemi one month ago. (genetics and I smoked a pack and a half per day. I am on beta blockers bolld thinners and lipitor. I had one stent placed in my LAD which was 100% blocked. Over the past week I have been feeling like my heart is skipping a beat when I am at rest. Has anyone else had that problem? 

I did quit smoking.

10 Replies
  • Djwel
    Djwel, January 20,  2020  5:51pm EST

    Congratulations on quitting smoking; what a BIG accomplishment!  

  • Bobbi112267
    Bobbi112267, January 20,  2020  5:54pm EST

    Thank you! Fear is a great motivator for quitting. 

  • Djwel
    Djwel, January 20,  2020  8:24pm EST


    I am 3 months out > had a heart attack & triple bypass.  During this first trimester, I experienced a lot of pain, heart palpitations, etc that I didn't expect.  Since I did not have a stent, but a bypass, I cannot say for sure you are experiencing the same things.  This support group told me more than the physicians about "after" the surgery.  I hope someone will reply; but if not, then look at the survivors stories & you might see something that will help.  I still have some pain and "odd" experiences, but fewer and further apart; it does get better.  But of course, it's not as quickly as we would like.  I am a 66 year old woman, in generally good health until my heart attack. 


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 21,  2020  9:08am EST

    Congrats on quitting smoking! That is such a hard thing to do. My dad quit after his heart attack as well, fear is a really good motivator, you are right. Have you asked your cardiologist about the chest pain and discomfort? I agree with the community that recovery does bring odd and random discomforts. However, I think it is a good idea to work with your medical team to establish what is the new normal for you and what needs to be addressed. 

    Thanks Katie

  • JTF207
    JTF207, January 21,  2020  11:24am EST


    I had my HA 4 months ago which was also a NSTEMI, with one stent. I have also had that sensation as well, during rehab one nurse said they could be PVCs (premature ventricular contractions). I would contact your cardiologist, I did and he reassured me it wasn't a big deal. Reading this article might also help ( I have found mine to be directly related to anxiety, the less anxious I am the less I feel that sensation; I confirmed this when I noticed whenever the rehab nurse who brought it to my attention is the one monitoring me it appears to happens more often. I too am on a beta blocker and I wonder how much that affects it, beta blockers are supposed to help heart rhythm, but I wonder if that is always the case or not. Best of luck.

  • seattledave
    seattledave, January 21,  2020  11:26am EST

    Hey Bobbi.. Sorry to welcome you to the survivors club.  But glad you made it.

    Congrats on quitting the cigs. Hope it holds. It took a second ha to convince me to give em up for good after I started back up after a year.  Stupid, stupid me.  But, now been nicotine free a couple yrs. And I think I'm a true believer.. cigs bad, breathing good.  If nothing else, stay away from the tobacco.

    There's another good post about the possible cause of the post angio chest pain. If you haven't already, read it.  It made a lot of sense to me as to the cause of those scary weird random chest pains.  My Dr's attitude is/was if they don't progress and get worse, it's "probably" nothing to worry about".  And that wasn't real comforting at the time.

    I never experienced the 'skipping beats' sensation. But a lot of other weird stuff that always amped up my anxiety levels.

    This 'finding a new nornal' thing is real.  And it takes some time. So try to be patient.  And please believe me when I say that a cigarette won't make it better !

    Stay strong 



  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 21,  2020  3:34pm EST

    Hi Bobbi,

    Haven't experienced my heart skipping beats after my bypass surgery but I did experience what felt like my heart beating out of my chest. I asked my cardiologist about it and she told me many of her patients have told her that. Must have to do with the heart getting it's new found blood although my cardiologist offered no explanation.


  • EMON1
    EMON1, January 21,  2020  7:01pm EST

    TOTALLY agree with Seattle, (and many others from past posts), about the smoking. CONGRATS on quitting and NEVER again! It's too bad it takes a HA to get people to quit such a stupid habit, (me too)!

    I'll also 2nd that, being over 1 year out, I noticed glitches/twitches/aches still crop up at 'anxious moments'. [I have a Dr. who said after a HA we're often just very aware of things we use to generally ignore in the past. (I'm pretty sure that stuff often happens with 'healthy hearts')

    [Of course, mention it to your Dr. 'just to be safe'.]

  • BLN1978
    BLN1978, January 21,  2020  7:14pm EST

    I am 9 months post MI and have the skipped beats. I also had those before the heart attack, Are you having any symptoms related to the skipped beats example shortness of breath, dizzyness? Be sure and tell your cardiologist about them. 

  • Natops
    Natops, February 14,  2020  10:58pm EST

    I had my HA on Jan 5th with 3 stents placed in my LAD.  I have had the sensation of skipped beats along with palpitations.  For me those sensations were caused by premature ventricular contractions (PVC's). 

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