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sonya818, October 21,  2019  11:47pm EST

New here. 2 heart attacks. Worried about the 3rd (long post)

Hi all. I was 38 years old when I had my first heart attack.  It was my day off and I  was out running errands.  I noticed that I was out of breath,jelly legs, and sweaty, but it was a hot summer day and I hadn't eaten.  I stopped by Taco Bell to get a quick lunch to take home. By then, I  was sweating profusely (enough that the cashier asked if I was ok). I got home and started eating. About halfway through my meal, I had this intense pain in the center of my abdomen. Like right below my breastbone. It never even entered my mind that I was having a heart attack. I threw up. I called my Mom. They came to take me to the hospital.  My vision grayed out while waiting. I got better before they got there but I  still went. Ended up getting 3 stents. After care was a joke. I was also in denial. Fast foward 9 years. I have what I thought was a severe crick on my neck and upper back. That went on for 2 days. I finally went to my gp, who did an ekg and sent me to the hospital where they said I had a nstemi and admitted me. I got 2 more stents and was told that I  have small arteries. I was so shocked because both heart attacks felt completely different. I am having issues with acid reflux currently and also having tingling in my left hand. This results in my anxiety skyrocketing.  I don't feel like I did with previous heart attacks but they both felt very different.  I know that I should go get checked out but I  keep coming up with excuses not to. And yes, I know how stupid this is.


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  • Mb120918
    Mb120918, October 22,  2019  6:52am EST


    I wouldn't want to go either, BUT the sooner the better.  You don't want to suffer heavy damage. Better to go NOW.  Especially since the symptoms didn't match the last time. GOOD LUCK!


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 22,  2019  9:40am EST

    Sonya818, good morning. I agree with Mb120918, please get checked. I also know how scary this is, and truly encourage you to contact your cardiologist and/or ER depending on the severity of the symptoms. You are not alone, we are here you. Best Katie

  • cdameron
    cdameron, October 22,  2019  11:03am EST

    I hope by now you have been checked out! I was the queen of denial and waited a long time to have my situation checked out. My heart suffered damage. I have to work on myself to let me be a patient again... When I do go it seems like the doctor minimizes the honest effort I made to complain about the pain. I changed doctors so time will tell. The thing I notice most is that unless you are in full HA mode, some doctors (and nurses) don't react to your statements of concern. It is hard, at best, to triage chest pains. I don't think the answer is to ignore it either by the patient or the doctor! Sometimes you just have to be brave and help yourself.

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