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kaysheld323, January 4,  2021  12:02pm EST

New Begining

I recently had and an heart attack before my 38th birthday and I had stent surgary in two artires. Its been a emotional roller coaster cause I dont have a support system nor anyone I can talk to, who truly understands what happened to me. And I,m still trying to understand what is going on, cause I lost my father to congested heart failure a few years ago, and honestly I am afraid no matter what I do, from going to cadio rehab to eating healthy and keeping up with my meds and doctor appointments. I feel like I havent lived life yet and I just want to be okay and know that I am ok and safe within my own body. is there anyone who can help me understand what is going on and why this happened to me at such an young age?

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, January 4,  2021  4:10pm EST

    Hello, I am so sorry you are going through this. Heart attacks are frightening experiences, but you should know this: you are not alone.

    I'd encourage you to visit these resources on the AHA website about Life After a Heart Attack if you haven't already. There is a lot of good information there for someone like you. 


    Please keep your spirits up and keep us updated on how you are doing.


    The AHA Support Team

  • grtraver
    grtraver, January 4,  2021  6:04pm EST

    Hey now!  I'm glad I saw this post today. I believe you can gain a lot of insight into what other survivors have experienced and shared in the forums. So take some time and tour around a bit. This can help you understand a lot of the issues we face after having had our lives turned upside down and turned around.

    As to why. You may never know why. I still don't have a good answer to that one myself. I came to realize that I was focusing on the wrong end of the stick and I was asking the wrong question. But someone did snap me out of that train of thought by saying, "You are alive, you are a walking miracle, so what are you going to do with it".

    I am so grateful to be alive, there is still so much to do. 

    Remember, You are NOT alone! and you have a keyboard....

  • SingletonMel
    SingletonMel, January 5,  2021  1:08am EST

    We will never know why. If you read some of the forums you will notice that there is no particular type of person who this has happened to. You have people who through genetics had inherited heart disease. Then you have some who were athletetic and  in to fitness who never had a drink or smoked in their life and it happened to them. Like yourself I'm fairly young I had my heart attack almost one month after my 39th bday on Sept. 17th 2020 and just like you at times I am overwhelmed with hopelessness,fear, uncertainty and tons of anxiety. But part of what keeps me going is my medical team who is guiding me through this entire experience and reading the forums and seeing that everything that I have been feeling is normal. Everyday I feel a little better and that's what I try to focus on. Unfortunately I did find out that I lost function in my heart when I had the heart attack and it hasn't returned so now I have to get a defibrillator placed in the near future and that was devastating to me but it's what I need to have a half way normal life. So my advice is when in doubt ask your doctors, feeling fearful of something try to talk to someone or log on to here and read through some of the stories, I guarantee you will read something that will give you motivation and the hope that you need to go on another day, and don't be ashamed of seeking out professional help if things become too overwhelming and your not able to cope with things on your own. Wishing you nothing but love and blessings. Please keep us posted and reach out if you need a listening ear.





















  • Lively313
    Lively313, January 5,  2021  11:06pm EST

    I am also young.  I recently had a massive heart attack and stent at 43. I live a very healthy lifestyle and do not fit the profile people typically associate with heart attacks. I feel the same as you described and feel very alone in trying to make sense of it all because I think being young adds something to the vulnerability and I don't personally know people who have had a similar experience. I'm also doing cardiac rehab, but some days it feels like one step forward two steps back. I am a very active person and the fatigue has been really ******* me.  

  • Amcgovern69
    Amcgovern69, January 6,  2021  3:01pm EST

    Hi - I just had a stent put in on New Years Eve. No typical warning signs due to having diabetes. I had what is called the Widowmaker Heartattack. I know what its like to feel like you are all alone. I did not have a cholestrol issue, or high blood pressure. I worked out 30 minutes a day. DNA got to me and the Diabetes. I am signed up for Cardiac Rehab and do not like this idle time. I am so nervous and anxious about everything I do. I am going to be searching for any additional support groups i can find to help me through this.

  • Billiam
    Billiam, January 16,  2021  2:22am EST

    Definitly do the rehab and classes. I'm celebrating my 4th year after a heart attack. I was pretty freaked out for the first year or so after the loss of 20% of my heart. Rehab really helped me. The diet I have now is so different than the diet prior to the heart attack. This different diet takes some time to get use to but once you are use to it the old foods don't taste as good. When I say I was freaked out I after the heart attack I mean I was really freaked out. I went from a strong man to not being able to lift 25 pounds with out pain. I had random pain that no one could explain . I didn't think I would be the guy that had a heart attack as I was really healthy when it happened. Year after year I have become stronger. Now I feel that I can do pretty much what I was doing just as long as I do it after a warm up. I learned the warn up thing in rehab. Speaking about rehab, when you tell people your in rehab try to remember to say cardiac rehab or they will think you had a substance problem, lol.

    Good Luck you lucky people !!!!.Lucky to be alive so count the blessings and keep on keeping on.


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