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bn1181, November 15,  2020  8:44pm EST

New and Scared

Hi. I'm Brenda and I'm new to this forum. 

While getting clearances for upcoming rotator cuff surgery, I was sent to a cardiologist due to my age (65). He did an EKG and told me that I have had a heart attack in the past. I had no idea.

My dad had a history of heart problems: afib, high cholesterol, congenital heart failure. He had 3 angioplasties but lived to be 92.

I am scheduled for a stress test this Wednesday.

I just feel overwhelmed and scared.

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  • KarlR
    KarlR, November 17,  2020  12:09am EST


    According to a Harvard Study, about 45% of heart attacks have no symptoms ("silent" heart attacks).  They find out much like you did ... after the fact, while getting tested for something else.

    It's entirely possibly to have a heart attack without having significant damage to the heart muscle.  So I would recommend against leaping to conclusions until you get some test results.

    In most ways, your path forward is the same as any other heart attack survivor.  I can't do anything (now) about the heart attack I had back in June.  Instead, I'm doing things to try to avoid having another heart attack.  I went through cardiac rehab.  I take my meds.  I switched to a heart healthy diet.  I exercise regularly.  That's probably what your future holds.

    Hang in there.  It's a lot to absorb at first.  A few months down the road, and it will just feel like one more crazy thing that happened during 2020.

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