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Heart53, October 20,  2019  10:47pm EST

More advice needed on pain and discomfort

I had my first heart attack on 9/11/19. Received one stent. Was told additional surgery for possibly another stent or stents  in about 4 weeks. After first stent I felt pretty good. No major pain. Piece of cake I thought. Felt good enough to exercise after 3 weeks. Then I could feel discomfort again. Was hospitalized for a day. Then I felt not great but ok but I was ready for next surgery  in the coming days  

Just had 2 more stents on Oct 15th. Was out of hospital 4 to 6 hrs later. This time around is much different. I frequently feel discomfort and mild chest pains. Every day I hope they go away. They do go away at times but majority I can feel the pressure and discomfort. I assume this could take weeks or months ? I am 53 and I was in good shape. I just want to move forward with life but I can’t. It’s so frustrating. I have a good attitude and I’m optimistic still but the daily reality of discomfort and constantly needing rest is tough on my soul. Time is a healer I guess and I must take it easy. 

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  • EMON1
    EMON1, October 21,  2019  1:56am EST

    EVERYONE is different painwise, Some have little or no, some it eventually goes away, some get use to it. Right now, your body is physically adjusting and healing from a very real assault, give it time, [I'm over 11 months out and still get little 'pains' [3 stents/LAD], my cardio  said 'some do', but mention it to your doctor]. In my opinion, the toughest challenge IS the emotional, 'physically' I'm in pretty good shape myself. I think the emotional 'rollarcoaster' comes from the fact that we've been forced to ACTUALLY confront our mortality for ever more. This is all part of the 'new normal' many of us toil with it, each finds their own way, but 'good days'  and 'bad days' are quite common. Some side effects from meds don't help. Sometimes cardio rehab and or counseling helps. Your VERY early out and it is a process. Right now take your meds/get your rest/etc.

    [I think we all take it for granted our hearts always work, its very scary when often 'out of the blue' that 'illusion' is destroyed]

    P.S.: Your post looked familiar so I hope you don't mind that I went back and checked. Unfortunately I guess I already warned you about this. Sorry if I repeated myself, at least I'm consistent. :)

  • SBabs
    SBabs, November 5,  2019  1:44pm EST

    I felt a lot of chest discomfort and palpitations for close to a year after my HA but they have decreased a lot.

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