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kmfrem, October 14,  2020  8:14pm EST

Low platelet count


Had HA in Aug 2018 and have been on the standard set of meds since then. 

My platelet count has been slowly decreasing. It started from above 200 (before my heart incident) to around 120 now. Anything lower than 150 is cosidered 'low'. I wonder if its because of my blood thinning meds. Has anyone else run into this problem? Any suggestions? 

I'm meeting with my doc soon to discuss this and will update if there is some interesting suggestion.


3 Replies
  • vancet
    vancet, October 14,  2020  11:20pm EST

    Did they give you stents?  Did you change your diet radically as well (meats, protein rich foods)?

    Aspirin and blood thinners have that as a side-effect (thrombocytopenia) too.  This reminds me to take a look at my last blood lab.  I only usually take a look at the warning notices.

  • kmfrem
    kmfrem, October 15,  2020  12:54am EST

    Yes, had a stent procedure done back in Aug 2018. I dont think my diet has changed radically. However, the platelet count numbers are gradually coming down, which is not good. My doctor says that there is no reason to worry as long as its above 100 but definitely does want to figure out the cause of it slowly going down.

    I am scheduled to get off clopidogrel in another 6 months. Lets see if that pulls this number back up. 


  • EMON1
    EMON1, October 15,  2020  4:58pm EST

    I'm on aspirin and clopidogrel since Nov. 2018, I checked my platelets, they're over 200. Everyone reacts different. [Unfortunately, my cardio said clopidogrel is 'forever' for me b/c of where my stents are]

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