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Dayogls, October 20,  2019  1:49am EST

Low cardiac output

Hi yall

Hope everyone is doing well

So does low cardiac output always equal heart failure?

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  • EMON1
    EMON1, October 20,  2019  10:40am EST

    Just curious, what is your current regiment of all your medications and when you take them? What have your doctors/cardiologist told you when you've discussed your condition with them, they are the 1st line of information. Without knowing these things it's very hard for any of us to meaningly react to your situation. Coming here  is for SUPPORT, not bypassing EDUCATED medical opinions and treatments of knowledgeable authorities. If  you don't trust your doctors, find new ones, don't try to sidestep them with the internet. Anxiety/worry/etc is normal, but designing and adhering to a plan of recovery with your doctor is VERY important. It takes time.

  • seattledave
    seattledave, October 20,  2019  11:11am EST

    Hey Dayogls, hope your feeling better.   Really strange question with no background.  I'm familiar with the EF term but have never heard of cardiac output.  So I goggled it.  The info I got back involved math, so I'll defer to the med Dr's for an answer to that one.  I know some people diss Dr Google.. but it's just info.  Pay attention to the source.  And verify.

    For me, having a heart attack was and still is a scary event.  Life changing. Time to reevaluate what's really important.  Mind starts going places...

    What I most noticed about your question was the time it was posted.  What ya doing thinking those deep thoughts and questions at 1:49 in the morning ? That's probably a better time for sleep, don't ya think ?  If your not sleeping, see your MD soon.  The lack of good sleep and adequate rest at this time is, I believe, very important.  But use the meds carefully - Ambien can really mess with memory in some people.

    Was happy to read your visit to the er was only anxiety.  Been there, done that (a couple times).  Take it as a lesson in how we can make ourselves sicker than we really are. Sometimes our minds are not our friends.

    Try to relax. Accept your condition and follow the medical advice given.  Take advantage of that good NASA health insurance. Maybe see if they'll let you telework a little so you can stay relavent and connected. And if your going to seek mental health support, get started soon; my experience has been 30 days to get in to see someone. 45 days to start counseling.  And hopefully it's a good fit.  Otherwise you've got to start the process all over again. Very frustrating.

    Remember, it's all a new normal now.

    Stay strong.



  • Dayogls
    Dayogls, October 20,  2019  2:06pm EST

    Thank you david I was at the ER last night again and saw decreased cardiac output on my medical record but the nurse couldn't give me an answer as to what that was and the doctor brushed it off

    My original doctor(the one who ordered the stents) said I dont have heart failure and the heart attack was so minor it didnt cause damage however going through my medical record I find all these new diagnosis and it scares me

    I have an appointment with the mental health department for the I'm looking forward to that 

    And I go back to work tomorrow and yes teleworking will be one of the things I will ask my supervisor 

    I'm not looking for medical advice or trying to avoid it as the person above suggested i just felt since many of you all have gone through this you guys might have a more personal approach to it no need to be rude and condescending this is all very new to me 

    Anyway thank you David 

  • seattledave
    seattledave, October 20,  2019  5:01pm EST

    Ya. I hope I don't come off as rude or condecending.  I have been accused of being brutally honest though.  And at times I have problems with the whole pc thing; the goal posts seem to keep moving.  Might just be me...

    Ok.. sounds like an MI as the result of CAD. Me too !!   I was even given before and after pics.  Ya, it's scary as heck !  It's a reality ck on our mortality ! And consider, not long ago would have been fatal or debilitating.  Now it doesn't have to be.  It sounds like your doing the right things, including going to the er when your not sure.  You'll get more comfortable with the new speaks and noises and come to trust your body again. It just takes time.  Also, avoid external stressors as much as possible, e.g. reading your chart.  Let the Dr read the chart, that's one of the things he's getting paid to do. Try not to go looking for more problems, you've got enough to deal with for a while.  Your stent guy said it was minor and no damage done. Hang on that !  I share with you from a place of personal experience.

    And hey - I realized, after I saw the time of my earlier post ( I actually posted at 8:30 am pst ) that the read of the time of your post was possibly presumpuous of me.  I hope it was.  Anyway, sorry for being presumtuous.

    Good luck at work tomorrow.

    Stay strong



  • EMON1
    EMON1, October 20,  2019  5:08pm EST

    Dayogls - If it was my post you referred to as 'rude and condescending', I'm sorry, that was not my intention. I was attempting to get a better focus on medications/interactions/etc that may have been adding to your distress from 'side effects or what-not'. [I don't know, "does low cardiac output always equal heart failure?", sounds like a medical question to me.] No worries, I will not be responding to anymore of your posts, HA's are very emotional events and upsetting you is not productive. Good luck!

    P.S. : Seattle - I think she was referring to me, your comments were quite considerate.

  • Dayogls
    Dayogls, October 20,  2019  5:43pm EST

    It's fine I'm sorry for getting upset this event shook me to my core 

    I never knew peo5in their 20's could have HA or CAD 

    I appreciate everyone taking the time to respond and educate me on this journey 

    We are all on this boat together and hopefully we all keep interacting as we progress and get back to normal 

    I will stop looking at my chart as it does more bad than good 

    Hope everyone had a great a weekend 


  • JeffB
    JeffB, October 20,  2019  9:59pm EST


    You already got a bunch of pings on this so I just wanted to chime in and wish you luck. You'll know more soon as time and evaluations occur. But, for what it's worth, one of my camping buddies is in his late 30's and has HF outright. That doesn't mean that he wasn't climbing hills with me in July heat to go for a swim, skinny dip style at night, this past summer. Given medical support, time and dedication to listening to our bodies, I think anything is possible. Especially when we let ourselves bend with the circumstances and redefine who we are gradually.

    I have heard him say that even his Ejection Fracture has improved with treatment and time. I know mine did after my widowmaker.

    Best of luck to you.


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