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Jbm2020, September 7,  2020  11:45am EST

Just Joined Group...

Hi, this is my first time writing.  I am new to all of this because unfortunately I did recently have a massive heart attack (they call the 'widow maker.)  I thank God for surviving and I feel as if God had little angels all along the way that helped me through this near death experience.  I am only 56 years old, I am male and am married.   I was in Critical Care Unit for about a week.  The emergency doctors had to put me in an induced coma for 5 days.  I had 2 very vivid dreams that I will never forget while unconscious.  I never felt any pain from the time of the occurrence at work up and through coming into consciousness.  I was then moved out of CCU into a hospital bed close to the CCU.  The area of the city where I worked was a good half hour down the highway, was all I knew.  Thank God this hospital was only five minutes from my work.  I was in the hospital from May 31st, 2020 until June 21st, 2020.  

I missed my wife and my kitties and they missed me.  We were not able to see each other because of COVID but thank God I could call my wife and tell her I was o.k.  Yes, I owe a co-worker my life!  She ran from the large warehouse front to where I was and administered CPR for approximately 30 minutes.  She says she found me still breathing. 

I was in the hospital approx two weeks and I ended up being moved to the therapy floor to begin Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy.  I successfully tested out of the Speech therapy while an inpatient.  Since I've been out of the hospital I have tested out of outpatient physical therapy and now I have to finish going through Occupational outpatient therapy at the hospital.  I will be working on a driving simulator so I can get back to being able to drive. 

I am on seven medications from my Cardiologist.  Wow!  Never been on meds like this before.  I'm getting better with managing all the meds and the pharmacy communication that comes with refilling all of these medicines.  They include Cholesterol and Blood Pressure medicines.

I hope I haven't talked your ear off (ha,ha) but this has been and is still a process of recovery and I felt I needed to reach out to someone or some people who have gone through this similar experience.  I will try and respond to other people's post as much as possible. 

God Bless! 


2 Replies
  • KarlR
    KarlR, September 8,  2020  10:49am EST

    Welcome JBL.

    You truly were fortunate that your coworker knew CPR.  Given that you were having a silent (no symptoms) widowmaker heart attack, it could easily have ended far worse.  I'm glad you're doing relatively well.  I hope your recovery continues to progress on that trajectory.

  • Scotsrish
    Scotsrish, September 10,  2020  2:14pm EST

    Amazing story thank you for sharing. I have talked to a few people who had major heart attacks, surgery and little to no pain. The puzzling part was they all had very strong faith. I would love to hear about your dreams. God bless you in your healing journey.

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