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Ab0023, April 10,  2021  9:39pm EST

Hospital grade ECG at home

Hi all

It's been more than 2years since my MI (Feb 2019). Am sitting outside in ER waiting area waitIng for the doc to review the ECG. I was feeling some pressure in my chest and came to get checked out. 

I wanted to find out if anyone has used one of the new home/persknal ecg units. Some of them (eg Qt medical, smart heart) claim to provide a hospital grade ecg at home. 

Am about 44, never visited hospital before MI but now live wth constant fear. 

Me thinks that a home ecg can help manage anxiety (even if its a little bit).

I turn to this forum because after my MI this is the preferred place (and my doc) where I can discuss medical issues safely, without pressure.



3 Replies
  • KarlR
    KarlR, April 11,  2021  1:01am EST

    It's been my impression that those things require a bit of skill to read accurately.

    I had a posterior MI, which apparently is the one most easily missed by an EKG reading.  The paramedic didn't see my MI, but he saw something that looked a little funny with my reading.  Fortunately for me, there's a world-class cardiac hospital about 5 miles from my house.  The ER doctor was extremely familiar with heart attacks.  He looked at my EKG reading, and then used it as a "training moment" for the paramedic.  He had the paramedic take three of the leads off my chest, place them on my back, then re-run the test.  With that change, my STEMI showed up.

    But more importantly than that, I got a glimpse of the EKG output from both tests.  They look like line graphs.  I wouldn't know how to interpret the output.  Maybe you have the training where you can.

  • Ab0023
    Ab0023, April 11,  2021  1:13pm EST

    Hi Karl,

    I don't have specialized training. Was thinking more on the lines of teledoc (or some other qualified individual over the cloud/ phone) doing the reading. 


  • vancet
    vancet, April 13,  2021  2:22am EST

    Definitely requires skill to read the ECG.  I took a course and I still find it very difficult to read unless it's an obvious STEMI staring me in the face.  I too felt like I needed a security blanket when I first started out.  I bought a 3 wire heart monitor and a bunch of electrodes and learned minimally how to read an ECG.  I was about to buy a 5 wire Holter when my cardiologist pulled me down to reality and said if I'm worried, just go to the ER.  It'll save me time and anxiety and not play amateur Dr. Google.  I also have an Apple Watch just to do a quick reading if I'm feeling weird so I can share that moment with my cardiologist (never did use it for that purpose).  

    But with the hospital grade ECG, are you prepared to put the  stickers on and make sure they go to the correct spots on your chest and arms?  Even the Holter monitor ones that are less accurate require at least 5 electrodes & wires to set up.  They're also expensive.  Just my $0.02. 

    Oh and I also looked at this one  but my cardiologist wasn't sure how accurate it is (certainly looks very convenient): https://www.getqardio.com/qardiocore-wearable-ecg-ekg-monitor-iphone/

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