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AliciaH89, September 15,  2020  1:36pm EST

Heart Attack, then Triple Bypass

Hi All

 My father suffered a massive heart attack last week and  yesterday (about 8 days later)had to undergo a Triple Bypass. The procedure went well, Dr said his heart is very swollen and damaged. They have him still on alot of meds to elevate his BP. Its just been about 24 hrs since his procedure. Dr/nurses keep saying he is progressing as expected given what he has been through. But seeing how much pain, and how tired, weak and his BP issues has me so worried. 

  We are not allowed to stay with him at ICU due to stupid covid restrictions. So it has been very difficult.

Has anyone had a rather large heart attack followed by a bypass? How was recovery? What should we expect moving forward?


Any prayers, thoughts, etc for my father are much appreciated. 🙏💕


Just looking for support in this difficult time.  Thank you!

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  • Jbm2020
    Jbm2020, September 15,  2020  6:50pm EST

    I'm sorry that you are going through this with your father at this time.  I had a heart attack (they call the 'widow maker') and was in an induced coma for 5 days and this was on May 31st.  I would tell you that my prayers are with you because I believe God can and will be with you all.  I was in the hospital for 22 days.  Many of the Doctors and nurses in the Critical Care Unit didn't think I would make it.  But I did!  It is difficult now for me because I had a stint put into the left side of my heart.  I am working on only 30% of my heart. This is tough. I'm not used to being on all these meds. I didn't have a bypass, so I can't speak to that.  But know that me and my family are praying for you.  JBL....

  • vancet
    vancet, September 15,  2020  7:20pm EST

    I too also got a surprise widowmaker in 2019 but they deemed it quicker to fix me using 3 stents.  15 months later, I feel like I'm still recovering since the meds are still doing a number to my concentration and low energy levels at times.  

    A coworker also had a heart attack this year and he received the triple bypass since his arteries were too clogged stenting wasn't enough.  He's doing well now and his initial recovery took about a month to walk about a block's worth of distance regularly.  What I can tell you is that bypasses, although invasive, are much more routine now and very high survival rates.  He should take it easy the first 3 weeks and help him out as much as possible.  Follow your cardiologists advice to the letter.  The recovery is a bit longer due to the chest being opened up. There are articles in this site that you can look into to guide you on how to help him recover.  It's a big lifestyle change whether it's stent or bypass.  Diet changes, new meds, more & regular exercise, lack of energy, shortness of breath, mental issues, PTSD, the list can go on. and your family's support will be instrumental in helping him recover.  As many here can attest, get him into cardiac rehab once he's well enough to exercise.  Most of all, listen to him when he's ready to share.  We all need to vent at some points.  

    All the best to your father and family. 

  • AliciaH89
    AliciaH89, September 15,  2020  7:32pm EST

    Thank you for the replies and well wishes and prayers. It is much appreciated.

    My father is relatively young, 60, and had a heart attack several years back in his widowmaker. This was his 2nd, the doctors are amazed he survived this one. He is a strong person. They are still trying to find a balance between pain management and a good BP for him. So he is in a good bit of discomfort. He was on 7 different drips today keeping him stable and they have him down to 3 now and hoping to be only on 1 by morning. Doctor seems impressed with how he is doing. My poor Dad is very frustrated and we can tell mentally he is exhausted. We are doing our best to encourage him and remind him of his strength. I believe they said his function is at 30%, which is half if I understand correctly. Also the dr said sometimes bypass can help strengthen the heart, so we are hopeful.

    Modern medicine is amazing and we are grateful to still have him with us. We are praying he has many more years to watch his children and grandchildren grow up.

    Again thank you for your words and support. 💕

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