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ReliefFocus, September 11,  2019  6:06am EST

Gloria’s Story

Gloria is in Ghana.
Gloria is 15 years and the last of my 3 girls. This year, within a period of 5 to 6 months, Gloria has experienced 5 fainting episodes. On checking her cholesterol it was found to be very high, 348. Unfortunately the warning symptoms of heart attack are all present. Gloria experiences shortness of breath, dizziness, severe headaches and weakness all of which precedes a fainting. A 48-hour Holter Monitor test revealed arrhythmias with bradychadia (46 bmp) and tachycardia (159 bmp).

On August 24, in school, after an overnight long study and taking an exam, she took some rest in the afternoon. She woke up having severe chest pain. It’s past 2 weeks now. The problem is this, she was not taken to the hospital because they did not understand what was happening to her.

I have since July, been working to bring her down here for further diagnosis and treatment at the request of my Cardiologist and a Pediatric Cardiologist who have seen all the test results including EKG and 48-hour halter monitor test.

Was this severe chest pain a heart attach? What should Gloria do to help her prevent another severe chest pain?

What makes this story of Gloria of a great concern to me is the hereditary nature of this disease in my family.
My daddy passed at the age of 46 from heart attack.
My elder brother in London had a heart attack at the age of 46 and went through open heart surgery in 2012. In 2013 July 19, I went through open heart surgery after I had suffered 3 heart attacks, within 18 days, the first happening on June 30. I had 4 bypasses. Now my daughter.

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  • JeffB
    JeffB, September 11,  2019  1:42pm EST

    Sorry, this is outside of my experience but it sounds like she needs immediate medical attention. Is there any way you can have someone do some bloodwork and an EKG on her to determine what is happening?

    I wish you the best of outcomes.  

  • ReliefFocus
    ReliefFocus, September 11,  2019  2:38pm EST

    Thank you JeffB for your concern. Gloria has taken numerous test including EKG. The EKG shows nothing but the blood works done so far shows high blood cholesterol, 348 which is more than double the normal upper limit. Unfortunately when she experience that severe chest pain, because of lack of understanding of what is happening, she was not taken to the hospital. I’m not with my daughter and she was in school when most of the 5 fainting and severe chest pain happened. From my experience it is when you experience a heart attack that blood works done at that moment can reveal enzymes that are release during a heart attack. This is one way I know confirms a heart attack apart from EKG elevations.

    Gloria has seen several doctors including Cardiologist. She is scheduled to see another Cardiologist this week. 

    Let me use this forum to encourage strong advocacy for hearth health. The warning signs of heart attack must be taken very seriously especially chest discomfort that is also preceded with syncope (fainting). I believe a cartherization test must be considered when high blood cholesterol has been confirmed prior to all these warning signs. LIFE IS WHY!


  • ReliefFocus
    ReliefFocus, September 12,  2019  8:29am EST

    Thank you Paul300 for reading Gloria’s story. I wish money can buy health and ultimately secure our lives forever. I have learned to be patient and loving in difficult times because that is what matters. Kind words can save a life and that is what I strive to do each time I have the opportunity.

    My daughter Gloria shall come through this storm not only for her but for me, the family and all those who face this kind of storm. Sometimes we suffer so that many others may gain from our suffering.

  • ReliefFocus
    ReliefFocus, September 13,  2019  3:47am EST

    Yes I did Paul, you are right. My intention was not for money but to authenticate Gloria’s Story and seek advice, encouraging experiences and be part of a family of people who have survived heart attacks and now helping others with their experience.

    This is my 2nd post after the first was taken down. I’ve apologized to the moderator because it was not my intention to raise funds here. This is why I have the story up again.

    In this world where greed seems to dominate the intentions of many, if you and I do not stand for our good intentions, we may not be able to give off our best to help others. Let us allow compassion that flows from a sincere heart full of love to spur us on in life, to be a blessing and not a burden. This is my passion and you will get to see more of me as we spend the rest of our lives here together on this platform.

    I am a survivor from 3 heart attacks, open heart surgery with 4 bypasses, blood clot in the thigh and swollen heart as complications after surgery. My survival is not for me only but for my family and many others who come through this path.

    I do appreciate your concern Paul, and thank you for raising the issue for me to have the opportunity to clarify myself.

    Now let’s get back to Gloria. Is the severe chest pain she experienced a heart attack or no? 

  • EMON1
    EMON1, September 14,  2019  2:21am EST

    There are MANY things which can cause chest pain, some serious, some not so serious. Having a family history of heart disease, your concern seems reasonable, but stress/anxiety/etc can also cause the same symptomology, that's why all they can do is test. Worrying will at the very least NOT help the situation or stop whatever the cause is. The best ANYONE can do in the mean time is encourage a healthy lifestyle, outside of that you CAN NOT stop 'bad things' from happening. You do the best you can, and hope for the best you can get, but life has NO guarantees. True FAITH is placing trust in something that can't be proven. [We all want 'answers', but sometimes there are things we simply can't/won't be able to understand]

  • ReliefFocus
    ReliefFocus, September 14,  2019  3:20am EST

    Thank you so much EMON1. You have brought such significant relief and encouragement to me. Sometimes kind words of faith go a long way to save lives. Thank you so much, I'm grateful. You are God sent.

    You have answered all my bothering questions and brought me into a real world where faith cannot be taken out.

    I will trust Him who sees and knows all things. Thank you EMON1.

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