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Dayogls, July 28,  2020  2:21pm EST

Dizziness after a work out

hello all once again

My name is dayana I had a NSTEMI at 27

I'm at 9 month post HA and since cardiac rehab has not been an option for me cause of the covid-19 situation I decides to do a very simple low impact exercise routine today

It was only 20 minutes and I felt ok during the routine but after I got very dizzy and sweaty I almost passed out i had to run to the couch and sit down

my doctor had given me the ok to start working out and encouraged me to do so

Has anyone else experienced this?


5 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 29,  2020  8:50am EST

    Good morning, it is great to hear from you again! Did the dizziness go away when you sat down? I think your symptoms might warrant a quick call to the doctor's office just to make sure everything is ok. Best Katie

  • KarlR
    KarlR, July 29,  2020  11:21am EST

    Do you happen to have an automated blood pressure cuff that allows you to take your blood pressure?  For me, that type of dizziness is generally a symptom of low blood pressure.  If that's the case, then there's a question of why your blood pressure dropped that far.

    A couple days after I came home from the hospital, I had low blood pressure (95/57) because I was on more blood pressure meds than I needed.  In the past, I've had low blood pressure due to dehydration.  My blood pressure dropped to 79/50 during my STEMI.  And when I was a teenaged athlete with great blood pressure, I used to get dizzy spells fairly often.

    If you know where your blood pressure is normally, that will allow you to know whether it's low all the time.  It will also allow you to check your BP shortly after exercising to see whether it's at an unusual level.

    I also think you should call your doctor and let him/her know about the dizzy spell.

  • Dayogls
    Dayogls, July 29,  2020  1:16pm EST

    Thank you both for your answers and suggestions 

    I did check my BP and was 93/50 which is extremely low for me 

    I had just taken my meds prior to the workout and didn't have anything to eat or drink 

    I spoke with my doctor and he said he will request a stress test

    Also he told me to stop taking the sleep meds my primary care doctor prescribed me 


  • MarkG9
    MarkG9, July 30,  2020  12:18am EST

    You should wear a hear rate monitor 24/7. I assume you are on a beta blocker and that is not only lowering your BP too much but it may be slowing your heart rate down to much also. So if yo are getting int the the 40s Beats per minute you may let your DR know. That plus a low BP may mean that they need to adjust your betablocker dosage an or just your Ace inhibitor dosage. I am 7 months post Stemi and I was getting super dizzy (ER during covid dizzy) in the in months 1-4 and after a few little (DR approved) tweeks I feel better (almost good). Also,  my BP improved and now I have a resting Heart rate of 52. 

    For some reason getting adjuted by a chiropractor really helped my BP. H said I definatly was pinching something in my kneck (which I thought was just him trying to sell me more session but after first session I have never had high BP again 105/65 and it stayed low after my Cardiologist lowered my dosages. The lower dosages made me feel much better. Less dizzy and more mentally clear. New avg BP with less meds is 120/80. 


  • RKsamy
    RKsamy, July 31,  2020  3:07pm EST

    Hi, keep meauring the BP every alternate days or twice in a week and use the bluetooth device to get it stored in your cell to track the history. Would suggest to do bretahing exercies which is very helpful. You may search in youtube to find a breathing exercices for cardiac problem. Before you go to bed and morning first thing drink some (glass) hot water whcih helps very much.. i am doing this after my HA..stay positive and forget what happened 9 months back to you...

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