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Teejaybond, September 7,  2020  8:37am EST

Different feelings each day after heart attack

Was rushed to the hospital on July 14, 2020 with a heart attack, was so grateful for suriving the horrific attack. The first ECG before that attack says ischemia heart disease was place on vasporin, which in turn proof effective, saw a cardiologist she check the ECG result, she debunk the claim of an ischemia heart disease. Base on my complain(Chest pain that sometimes extends to the arms, back of the neck), she felt its mght be muscle pain she placed me on Norgesci and Neurovite. But on the 14th of July 2020, i got the shock of my life with an heart attack. Saw a cardiologist. I was placed on Clopidogrel-75mg, Rampril-10mg, and  Hydrochlorothiazide(HCT) 12.5mg. Along the line i reacted to the HCT. I am presently on Clopidogrel, Ramipril and Atenolol. But different kind of feelings everyday(Diziness, Shortness of Breath, tiredness, tingling in the finger). I have done three ECGs, and  an Echo my cardilogist inisisted nothing to worry about. Once i take my medications, i have started living every day like my body is ok, ignoring any kind of feelings. Seeing my cardio 16 days from now. Trying to see ** i can live an be strong POST HA

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  • KarlR
    KarlR, September 7,  2020  4:14pm EST


    Each of those symptoms is a side effect of one or more of the meds you're taking.  I'm guessing that's why your cardiologist says there's nothing to worry about.  If the symptoms aren't bearable, you might see if you can try alternate meds or different doses.

    Do you check your blood pressure regularly?  It might be useful to test it when you have a dizzy spell.  My cardiologist cut back on some of my meds because my blood pressure was dropping too low, and therefore causing dizzy spells.

  • Teejaybond
    Teejaybond, September 7,  2020  4:25pm EST

    Yes I checked my blood pressure regular, is actually dropping low, as at the time of this reply 112/73, sometimes it reads 105/65. In between I also experience palpitations. FLP results also comes out good.

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